Comment Verification

When I first began writing this blog I had my security set so tight a beam of light would be able to get through. As time passed and I became more comfortable with what was going on, I changed up most of my settings. The first thing to go was the comment verification. I determined it was a wasted step, many people who wanted to comment on my posts couldn’t read the words in that tiny box and it wasted the valuable time of my readers.

I follow a few *Blogger Guide* blogs and this very topic came up last week. Many people who read your blog and want to comment won’t do so if they have to fill out one of those word verification bots. So PLEASE reconsider your stance on verification bots. Keep your comments set to monitored, so you can see what a reader has left on your post before it’s published to the blog, but if you want to make sure you are receiving the deserved amount of comments, REMOVE THE COMMENT VERIFICATION!

That is all…