Witch’s Wisdom

On this page, I’ll be posting the memes I’ve created using images with attribution given to the artist and the words/prose/verse copyright protected to me. Seems I need to keep them all in one central location so I can easily link back to them when I am forced to file a DMCA on those who have decided it’s a good idea to take something that doesn’t belong to them.

Crone’s Wisdom

Even though the title of this section is Crone’s Wisdom, every word that is written here comes from my very first Book of Shadows. It wasn’t until I embraced my Crone that they once again demanded to be spoken, so the Memes were created. The WORDS are protected by my copyright, the images have been credited to the artist unless they came from my camera or I created them using PicMonkey.

     Fierce as can be


Fear not the Crone       The Best Teachers

The Journey

Quiet moments   

The Old Ways

Look to the Crone

Witch of the Woods

From the Pages of My Journal

The following images contain words taken directly from the pages of my personal journey that I began back in 2002 when I started walking this crooked path. The WORDS are copyright protected, the images have been credited to the artist.

Children of the Moon

I am Witch


the above image created for and used with permission from Tradição Sabedoria Do Carvalho





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