Monday, December 31, 2018

Many Years Ago ...

... I became friendly with some fabulous people on MySpace. Those friendships transferred to Facebook when it became the thing to do. Most have fallen off the FB friends list for one reason or the other, some for political reasons, some because life changes and yet others because they left social media altogether. Ending 2018, there were two remaining.

Then, the other day, I got a message from one with screenshots from the other one. The things said in those screenshots were nasty, vile and even could be considered threatening. Somehow, I wasn't shocked at what I read but disgusted at the horrible things that one who calls herself Witch could say to someone she called sister, But there it was in black and white. From her profile, with the timestamp on it.

I've known for a time that these two had some issues. But, since I didn't have regular contact, I left it alone, hoping things would settle. Everyone has days or even months where their life feels like it's on a collision course with everything in the cosmos. During those times we either act out, lash out at those close to us or hide from the world.

Time goes by and there is a calm, then a crisis occurs and a child is harmed either physically or emotionally. Instead of offering support for the difficult decision the parent made to help the child, the nasty, hateful messages are flung far and wide. The child's mother is hurting and the words flung from someone who was supposed to be a friend cut even deeper.

Yes, I seem to have been drug into the drama that wasn't of my own making. I made my choice, I chose the side I stood on and I made the necessary measures to remove myself from further involvement. And I felt good about my choice, no second guessing, no regrets.

This morning I wake up to a message from the one I removed and blocked, using another profile, chastising me for taking the wong side and not hearing both sides to the story. Here's the thing: I didn't need to hear the other side of the story or to give them the benefit of the doubt. I SAW the words with my own eyes, in black & white, timestamped, from their profile.

Perhaps there are some who would say I should have taken the time to get both sides before I acted. And if it had been just the regular she said/she said without the screenshots I might have done just that. I drew my line in the sand, I made my choice and I'm not compromising on this.

My block list on Facebook keeps getting bigger ...

Thursday, December 27, 2018

2019 Word of the Year ~ SOAR

Each year as I'm searching to find that one word for my life, I always seem to struggle to find the word that means something to me. The one that resonates deep within my soul that will be my go to, and to challenge or direct my coming year. Last night while in the bath (you know, that place where I always seem to have the better luck clearing my mind and letting the cosmos guide me) this word came to me. Not just the word itself, but the things associated with it that will guide my year to make me a better person. My word for 2019 is:

The word by itself seems uninspiring. Yes, it can also be empowering. But, as I sat and watched the flickering flame of the candle, clearing my mind and listening to what I was being shown, THIS is what SOAR means for me in the coming year:

Surrender. No, not to give up or let things overwhelm me. But to accept the things coming my way and devise a plan to work with each challenge. Meditate more, deeper and listen to my breathing, relax and be open and working through and with the path I've been shown. 

Observe. Give a name to the energy coursing through me, make it a tangible source. Touch it, feel it and accept the vision as one of substance. This can sometimes be scary for me ... to actually accept and reach out to touch, embrace and accept a new energy, path or direction. Challenge accepted!
Allow. Here is where I face my biggest obstacle, to allow, permit, accept without question or change the emotions and sensations just as they are or the direction of the things I've been given to do. I usually find myself saying "there HAS to be an easier way to do this". Not this time, no, this time I'm going to make an effort to listen and follow exactly as I have been shown to do it.

Release. Letting go of anything that has hurt or made me angry is one of the most difficult things I face each day. I keep everyfuckingthing and drag it out when I feel even the slightest bit annoyed. This year, I'm determined to let things go, to fade away and not unpack them again.

Will I be successful in living my SOAR? Honestly, I can't give you a solid answer to that. But, I can tell you I am going to do my very best to listen and then act accordingly to everything the Cosmos and my Goddesses are telling me.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Hail Hecate

Hail Hekate Brimo,
Hail Hekate The Fierce,
Hail Hekate The Terrifying.
May I be prepared for the storms of life,
May I honor You through my actions,
May I learn from your gifts.
Guide me through life’s storms,
Remind me that I am strong beyond measure,
As I weather the chaos.
Grateful I am
For the terrors, You send my way,
As I grow wise and fierce.
Hail Hekate Brimo, Storm Bringer
Hail Hekate The Fierce,
Hail Hekate The Terrifying.

©Cyndi Brannen
used with permission

Thursday, August 23, 2018

It's Been Brought to My Attention

that there is a rumor going around I'm asking for money to maintain my blog. That is NOT true.

Last year in 2017 I felt I needed to remove myself from the company I had chosen for self-hosting of the blog. At that time I was using iPage and just wasn't happy with their customer service, the technical errors I experienced on an almost daily basis and the feeling my account had somehow been compromised because of the excess of foreign language pages that popped up when you clicked on any link within the blog, or the amount they were charging to maintain my ability to blog. Their restrictions became more and more and it seemed to me I was pretty limited on the things I was able to do.

About that same time, a person who I let back into my life (knowing full well I shouldn't) offered to buy a years hosting on WordPress. I did NOT ask for this to happen, I was content to just play things as they were at the time using the free platform. After a few discussions (with the insistence they WANTED to do for me, not because I had asked, but because they felt it was the thing to do) none of which included anything saying this was a loan or they expected to be reimbursed, I relented, the $35.00 per year required by WordPress was sent to my PayPal account and was born.

I blogged under TFFW for less than 6 months. WordPress does not offer refunds, at all. During this same time frame, I made the harsh realization I couldn't be friends with this person and removed them from my life, permanently this time. I closed down TFFW on WordPress and went back to using The Feisty Witch domain on iPage. Fully aware I'd be facing the same challenges that made me feel I needed to move away from iPage but hadn't decided where to go or what to do ... yet.

Earlier this year, I moved the blog to blogger and transferred the domain for The Feisty Witch here as well. Google/Blogger charges $12.00 per year for them to host your domain and use their platform. That is a substantial savings from the amount it was costing at iPage and less than half of what WordPress wanted for a basic domain account.

This week, I've been getting random emails from someone who is "sharing" the complaints of the person who bought TFFW domain on WP last year. These emails come to my primary folder in my main email account, so whoever this person is, knows exactly how to contact me. They haven't used the email for the blog that is linked here. The return email address is on Yahoo with no personal information shared, so I don't know exactly who they are. I have my suspicions, but nothing conclusive.

Now, here's the point for this post.
  • NO, I am not asking for money to maintain my blog. I'm positive I can afford the $12.00 per year to blog on this platform. 
  • If you want to be reimbursed for the $35.00 you sent to me out of the "goodness of your heart", send me your PayPal info and I'll be happy to do so. Anything to get you to shut the fuck up and move on away from me with your snide comments and the poor pity me bullshit.