Wednesday, March 24, 2010

As the Darkness Surrounds Me

As the darkness surrounds me, I sit here, wondering what shall be said this time. Will it be the norm of things such as this? Or will it be something wonderful, something different, something that makes you think?

Read between the lines. Take a chance and look through the eyes of chaos. Seek, you shall find.

The rain pours down, soaking the world. Lightning flashes, making everything brilliantly lit. As the Earth unleashes it's fury on those that have made themselves unsuspecting yet are still deserving, I wander through the rooms in my mind. Searching for that one thing that was lost, I find things that should never have been placed there.

These images play in my mind, like a movie that is on repeat, never ending, never forgetting. Blood streaks the screen, slowly dripping down, making puddles on the floor. I frantically search for the stop button, and when that fails, I find the cord, and pull the plug. The memories don't stop, so I am forced to turn my back. Which I do, with difficulty.

I carry on to the next room, wiping dust from the boxes of memories. I begin to open them, one at a time. Slowly, ever so slowly, I begin to find what I was looking for. As the last piece of the puzzle is placed within the collage, I see the whole picture. I see what I was missing.

Throughout this entire time, I never once realized the voices in the back of my head. The one that stands out the most is a voice that I will now follow. The voice of love. The voice that took control of my emotions and reactions. Safe and secure within the cocoon, I am lulled into sleep.

When I awaken, deep inside the maze of my mind, I see a pair of unknown eyes staring at me. I drown in these eyes, never once having a chance to grab a hold of anything to stop myself. Later, I find, that I never would have known this sweet surrender if I had stopped myself.........

As the visions that swirled within my head become reality, I know that this is my life. A never ending story of deceit and lies which wraps itself around me like the silken threads of a spider's web, trapping me in this existence. The pattern repeats itself over and over, forcing me to deal with it. Having no choice, my life becomes full of Vindictive Chaos.

Yes, this was written by me in one of my more darker moments...~xoxo~,V