Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday before Easter

When I got up this morning, I knew I was going to have a busy day. I made coffee, watched a bit of TV while I tried to wake up and face the day, and then after about an hour decided I'd better get my shit together and get motivated.

We started out for the errands that needed to be taken care of today by first making a stop at Panera Bread for bagels and orange juice, then off to get Jimmy's fishing license renewed.

While we were at Walmart (getting said fishing license renewed), I picked up cat litter and went into the garden department to look for the planter I'm trying to find for my little back patio. I have a wooden fence type divider with gaps between the 1x8 pieces of wood, between my patio and the neighbors that gives a bit of privacy for each apartment. On this fence I have hung 2 bamboo curtains for additional privacy. The wood is SO old and rotted that it won't hold a nail. In my quest to anchor these bamboo curtains I came up with the idea to put one or two deck railing planter boxes over the top of the fence. The Walmart we went to today has a very limited selection of planters of any kind, and unfortunately, I came away empty handed. Shopping for another day.

After Walmart came PetsMart, BJ's (where I picked up a birthday cake for my friend Amanda who is celebrating her Birthday with us tomorrow), and then grocery store, we made it home with no catastrophes.

By this time, I'm uncomfortable because it's in the low 80's and the pollen here in NC is some of the worst I have ever been exposed to. I put my comfies back on, turn on the AC and crawl back into my bed...and after sleeping for over 3 hours, got up fixed dinner (chicken on the grill) and since season 4 starts on the 11th, Jimmy & I sat down to get caught up on season 3 of the Tudors. Thank Goddess for On Demand, LOL!

Now, I'm off to sleep again, because tomorrow promises to be another busy day. Easter Sunday, Jimmy is serving at church for all 3 morning services. He needs to be there uber early as the first service is at 7:45AM. Then Amanda and Steve are picking me up at 10:30 so we can go to the 11:15 service. After church, it's back here for dinner and a relaxing afternoon with our awesome friends.

Happy Easter everyone!