Friday, June 3, 2011

An Open Message to Circle of Moms Top 25 Faith Blogs by Moms

I honestly can't believe all the bickering, name calling and just plain ugliness that has come from the blog contest over at Circle of Moms. And today I find out there have been threats of harm to not only my friend who writes Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom, but also a new friend who writes Journey to Beloved. What in the world is going on with some of you people???

The ones who claim to have a witness for Jesus are the ones who are being the most dramatic. I honestly don't understand how anyone who claims to be a Christian and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ can be so nasty and hate filled. Yes, you are "concerned for the salvation" of us Pagans, yes you want us to "be saved and seek the kingdom of God". But if what you are spewing in your blogs is the "only" way to meet the Savior, then I'm gonna have to pass.

You see, once upon a time, I too was a Christian. I read my bible, went to church and Sunday school. I was so active in my church, I didn't have/take time for anything else. I still know the scripture, I still remember some of the songs of praise we sang. However, there was SO much anger, competition, strife and unhappiness, I walked away from any organized religion. After searching for so many years, I finally found peace and most of all TOLERANCE.

Today I love everyone, I care about everyone, I don't judge and I don't condemn. If you want to be a Christian, I'm all for you following that path. Please don't push your beliefs off on me and anyone who doesn't believe the same as you. Please don't condemn those you don't understand and please find the love and compassion I know Jesus had in his heart for those who were different from him.

And most importantly STOP all the hatred and negativity you as Women of Faith have been spewing the past few weeks. Find the love I know you have in your heart, find the joy that is supposed to come from being a Christian, live the life you have and then when it comes time to meet God in judgment there will be no reason for him to say to you, "Get thee gone, I never knew ye".


  1. Well said ...

    Gave you my vote!

  2. Thanks Debbie...welcome new friend!

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  4. (deleted my previous comment because I left out an entire sentence and it didn't make sense)

    Sadly, between this blog contest at Circle of Moms and my on-again/0ff-again participation at CafeMom, I've discovered that anytime you get a bunch of women with children in one spot, it becomes an instant cat fight about something. In this competition its religion, but I've seen it (including personal threats) regarding formula feeding, over circumcision, SAHMs, homeschooling, etc.

    Really, its sort of disgusting that women that should be supporting each other--being a mom is hard, regardless of how you choose to do it, are fighting like a couple of three year olds over a cool toy. If it works for MY family, why should it matter if its not for yours, and vice versa.

    I find this whole deal especially troubling because its over FAITH blogs--are we really so insecure in our faith that this competition no longer is just about supporting really great blogs that we love?

  5. I also voted for you and just began following you. I reposted Mrs. B's dilemma on my own facebook page, as I, too, was completely outraged by anyone who says that there was is the only way, the good way and then does something that is hipocritical of that thing they supposedly stand for. It makes me sick to see people go to their church and say that people who do not follow their God will be condemned to Hell. It is what you do on this Earth and what you pracice and believe in your heart that makes you a good person. Not going to a place once a week and sitting for an hour listening to another person read from a book-- then go out and do the things that very book states is wrong. ~off soapbox~ lol

  6. Hi hon. I just recently found out about you from the list of top 25 faith blogs and I've voted for you and our other ladies every day.

    It's a shame that some Christians are so unlike Jesus. I have known some good ones in my time, but these women are not deserving of any attention. The hate mongering, the intolerance? I was raised in a small southern town as an open pagan so I'm used to the snide comments and back-biting. I am not shocked by it at all, but the what bothers me is that often people shut down instead of listening to reason. I suppose this is what happens when people are taught that anyone who believes differently than they do will suffer for all eternity in a lake of fire.

    Now that we are into the first few days of Pagan Values Month, I am not looking to whoever decided to start this trend or why they did it, but I look forward to our people sharing real virtues with one another. Maybe we will find some people who are not of our general faith who are willing to listen. Thanks for the blog you do.