Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday's Musings

Last week, after all the excitement of the Blog contest died down, I found myself a bit lost, without a project and a little lethargic. I didn't have any one thing I was obsessing on, nor did I have the gumption to do much of anything for the rest of the week.

The remodeling of the sister's house is finally making some progress. Jimmy & Mike have taken off most of the old wooden siding and repaired any wood framing that had been water damaged. They've added some insulation and wrapped the entire house in preparation for the new siding. That was a nightmare in itself...

After spending hours deciding what type and color siding they wanted, off they went to get it ordered...just to have the WRONG color delivered on the first scheduled day and time. The driver takes it back, and the company calls to confirm the CORRECT color. Not a problem, we'll have it to you next week...Oh BTW, there's gonna be an additional charge due upon delivery. By this time Debra is LIVID! She has already given a deposit that should MORE than cover the cost of the siding.

Off we go, the four of us, to the siding company...AFTER Jimmy calls and gets a verbal estimate for the same exact color, size and square footage as what has already been ordered. (He just acted like he was a new customer) Arriving at siding company, we go through this long drawn out process BUT finally have the correct color, and size ready to be delivered on Friday. OOps! Once more in comes a phone call...We are sorry Mr ...., but we had a hard time getting your siding loaded in Wilmington and we can't get it delivered until tomorrow (Saturday) morning. OH!! THAT's NOT GOING TO WORK!!...we are going out of town, just deliver it early Monday morning.  OK, Mr ....., will do, see you Monday.

Saturday morning we are trying to get the van laded for the beach trip and guess what shows up? YEP! You guessed it, a flatbed, forklift and 9 square of siding. "Delivery was supposed to be changed to Monday". "I didn't get that message..."...FINE!, Just drop it over here... WOW!! What a mess this company has been since day one. *Note to NOT under any circumstances use ABC Materials for ANYTHING!!!

Anyway, after everything gets squared away, we loaded up the van and hit the road to Myrtle Beach and I was able to spend a few hours just absorbing the energy the sea offers. I love the sea, I get my sanity and strength from the ocean. We are going back in July, I am so excited to be able to spend an entire week just sitting in my chair next to the water, reading my nook or listening to the sound of the waves crashing on shore.

Just imagine, there's gonna be at least 8 of us in a 2 bedroom condo that easily sleeps 10 people, and Sis and I have already told everyone they are on their own for entertainment and food. With the exception of the main evening meal when we'll TRY to gather everyone up for some sort of structured dining experience, LOL!

I can just picture it, my beach chair, sunscreen, big floppy hat, my nook and iPod, cocktails and peace and tranquility. Ahhhhh...*insert contented SIGH here...LOL!