Sunday, September 4, 2011

From Irritation to Big Cheesy Grin

My week hasn't all been unsettled. After I got over being pissy about the game making the rounds on FB that was supposed to *raise awareness* for breast cancer, I had a couple great/awesome...(insert your choice of descriptive word here)...things happen to me.

I don't usually watch DWTS, but I've been watching the posts about DWTS and the lineup for the new season, which includes Chaz Bono and Carson Kressley. Boy let me tell you, this has caused QUITE the stir among some people...uh hmmm, the One Million Moms, for example. They are associated with American Family Association who BTW, have been classified as a hate group. One Million Moms feel it is their *Christian* duty to monitor the entertainment industry and if they find something they feel is objectionable for children to see, the begin an email/letter writing campaign to the powers that be over at whichever network they have targeted to *make* them pull the plug on the objectionable show in question. This is their email to ABC regarding DWTS:

As a mother and a member of, I strongly encourage ABC Network to reconsider their celebrity casting choices for "Dancing with the Stars" this season. I am extremely concerned that ABC feels the need to be politically correct instead of creating show as strictly a dance competition. ABC has crossed the line in pushing the LGBT agenda into what some families would consider safe entertainment.

Some programs in the entertainment industry have gone too far on controversial issues, and "DWTS" is now one of them. This show airs twice a week 8/7c while children are awake, and for ABC to promote a destructive lifestyle is irresponsible.

I am prepared to join thousands of other voices in urging advertisers to place it on their "do not advertise" list and consider pulling all ads from the entire ABC network in protest of this now highly offensive program.

If this is meant to be a family-friendly show, then I hope ABC will take this request seriously and replace Chaz Bono and Carson Kressley (who was added last minute anyway because of another cast member's injury) in this season's lineup of "DWTS". Otherwise, Christian families will not enhance the ratings by watching the show when it returns September 19.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding my concern.

So, instead of making sure which program their children are watching and checking to see if it is appropriate for children OR better yet, NOT making a big deal about a transgendered person being on the show (c'mon...what young child is going to know about transgender??), OMM, has pledged NO Christian support for DWTS this season. Really? Seriously?? Oh yes.

Instead of being what some would consider a responsible parent and just change the channel if there is something on they didn't want the child to see, they are trying to mandate which shows are appropriate for TV. Hmmmm, I don't watch Christian TV, but I don't tell CBN they have to take Pat Robertson off the air. How ridiculous!

Here's where the BIG grin comes in...some of us Pagan/Witch folk have joined the OMM website (ya gotta be a member to send their email), taken this email and done a little editing to show our SUPPORT of Chaz and Carson and then SENT it to ABC directly from the OMM site. Oooppsie!!

There were a few of us who checked out the OMM's Facebook page, and even *liked* the page so we could post our comments to some of their threads...(lots of hate and discontent there, mixed in with alot of out of context scripture) however, when they saw we weren't *on board* with what they were saying and that there were even some witchy folk in the bunch, they *unliked* us and blocked us from their little party. How sad...

This got me to thinking, and I posted a question in my status update... *I wonder how many pagans are on Facebook?* Which BTW, received quite a few *likes*. So off I go, and create a One Million Pagans page. In just 24 hours we have reached 253 *likes*!

The OMP page is NOT in competition with OMM's, I wanted to create a page where ALL pagans on Facebook could share their thoughts and network with many other like minded people. My hope for the page is that we can all talk about the events in our area's, ask questions on different paths, share favorite music and shopping places. I don't want to cause hate and discontent like some of the other pages and places. I'm hoping this will be a positive thing. And I sure as hell don't want OMP to try to dictate to anyone what they believe, how they feel, what show's their children can watch, or how to live their life.

So, if you're on Facebook and haven't already found One Million Pagans, we'd love to have you stop by and join us for a spell...hehehe