Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dream Walking...

Usually I don't remember much about the dreams I have. Or if I do, the details are not as vivid as the one I had last night. That's one of the reasons I don't keep a dream journal. I can't remember enough when I wake up to write down what I saw as I dream. The sequence is a bit muddled, but the journey was very intense, enlightening and all in all pretty peaceful.

My dream began as what I imagine one would see in a *usual* journey dream. I'm walking, walking in smoke, trash, unhappiness, clutter. It's a well worn path, with many people and many footprints left behind from those who have walked this path before. The farther I go, the more difficult it is to move, but I continue and endure the struggles laid out before me.

I see obstacles I must go over or around, I have no guidance, I move blindly from one place to the next. On and on I go and travel through what I see has become my life, and what will become my future.

As I continue on the journey, I come to a fork in the road. Ahead of me is the same life I'm living now. The same despair, clutter, unhappiness, and drudgery. To the left is a less traveled path, covered with weeds and surrounded by tall grasses. No one has been on this road in quite some time. I'm thinking why would anyone take this path? It's not very well defined, a person will most assuredly become lost by choosing this route.

As I'm standing there looking at this less traveled path, people all around me are pushing and shoving, yelling at me to get out of the way, that I'm blocking the way and I need to just keep moving. Again, this is the life I've been living, the one I'm used to and the one that seems to be never ending.

But, I just can't take one more step, my feet are frozen to the spot I'm standing, I can't even move off the road out of the way. I begin to feel a sense of panic, since I can't move, I know I'm going to get hurt, knocked down, stepped on...something. I'm becoming frightened by this time and I don't know how to free myself from the horrible sensation I am feeling.

About this time a stranger steps up to me and tells me all I have to do is choose and I can move on my way. I look up at her and ask how can I choose? I don't want to continue on the road I'm now traveling, the road I know, but the other option is unknown and frightening. We stand there in the road, with dozens of people pushing past us, and she tells me, Vickie, you are not happy where you are at this time. You have been searching for such a long time for a way to make your life better, more peaceful and more fulfilling. After all this time, do you really think you will find your peace if you continue on the road you are currently walking? Aren't you ready to make some changes in your life?

As per my usual, I don't think about the decision before me, I just act. I choose the path to the left, the path less traveled, the path that's full of weeds, rocks and no foot prints to be seen...anywhere. I cautiously take the first step down that road, and the more steps I take the clearer the path becomes. The weeds thin out, the rocks become smaller, and the steps of those who have taken this path before me appear in front of me. My guardian cautions me, Vickie, you must go slowly, choose your steps carefully, because even though you can clearly see the foot prints of those who have gone before you, they won't always travel the same path you are searching for and won't be there to guide you.

I can't begin to explain to you the sense of peace and tranquility I have had since this dream. I woke up this morning feeling more at ease with myself than I have in a very long time. My level of stress has reduced, I don't have the sense of urgency to *fix* something...

I've found my magick once again. And let me tell you, I NEVER want to loose it...ever again!