Monday, January 30, 2012

Where Oh Where Are You Tonight...

...yeah, I know, cheesy lyrics from an old song that was popular on the TV show Hee Haw. So have I lost my mind? I think so, but it could be that I'm just overtired.

Things here at Casa Lesperance have been turned a bit upside down. Most of you know we take care of our little Witchling Ravyn while Momma Tanya works. Well, the store where Tanya works has gone through some improvements, like torn down, build a brand new store type of improvements. And since she can't work in the construction zone, she's been liberally *assigned* to a couple different places in her *district*, until the new store opens, that date has yet to be determined it keeps changing LOL! As a result, the hours we have Ravyn have gone from 2:30ish PM - 11:30ish PM Thursday through Monday off on Tuesday and Wednesday to OHMYGODDESSIdon'tknowwhatthehellmyhoursare!

This morning I was outta my bed at the gawdawful hour of 3:30AM!! AND it looks like it's gonna be early like this for at least the remainder of the week... and possibly into next week too.

Yes, Witchling goes back to sleep for a few hours as soon as Momma is out the door, and I go back and try to get a few more minutes of sleep myself. I'm just not too good at sleeping with the baby here. Jimmy does help. However, by the time Tanya gets off and gets here to pick up Ravyn, all I wanna do is shower and find my bed.

I'm rambling...and I apologize! The entire point of this post was to let you all know, I *may* not be here as much for the next couple weeks. I need to use whatever brain cells are left at the end of the day to do my school work so I can maintain my grades. And do the normal chores one does as a SAHW&Gma, laundry, cooking, dishes...etc.

Anyway, I'll be checking Facebook and trying to at least answer messages. If you have my cell phone I can always answer a quick text. If ya don't have it, PM me on FB and I'll give it to ya if ya want it.