Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm Sorry...


I have been so wrapped up in a multitude of different subjects/projects and I've been neglectful of my personal reasons for writing.

I have 2 more weeks of my 4th class at Ashford University. It's Computer Literacy and I'm having a difficult time with this one. It's not that I don't know the material or how to use the programs we are required to use for this and probably every future class while I'm enrolled. IMO the instructor is the problem, well at least for me anyway. I have a laundry list of complaints about her and the way she presents the information, as well as the way she requires us to submit our assignments. Let's just say, sometimes people with a high IQ don't understand us *common folk* need a bit more clarification at times and when we ask questions, it REALLY does mean we don't fully understand what you mean. And because I didn't understand and asked questions like you assured ALL of us in the class you would be happy to answer, my grade went from an *A* to a *C-* in the space of ONE week!!! Because you chose to NOT answer my damn questions...*sheesh!!

It's cold here in Hope Mills...and is gonna be for the next few days. By cold I mean it's 36* going to a high of 40*. I HATE the cold, and even though the weather here is much nicer than in say ... Michigan where we lived through 2 of the most miserably cold, wet, snowy, icy, just downright nasty winters I've ever been is still cold to me. So, the thermostat for the heater is on 70, poor baby thinks it's dying I'm sure, I've got on my warm comfy Jammies and a sweatshirt, and I'm still cold. Oh well, it could be worse, and I am extremely thankful we have had such a mild winter. I'm just overly grumpy...winter isn't my favorite time of the year.

Jimmy has a job, he won't be starting for a couple weeks though. He's gonna be driving OTR for Taylor Express, and since they have only one trainer, he's not gonna be available til around the 27th or so. This isn't the ideal job, and definitely NOT the one he wanted, but he's gonna take it and hope that with Spring being just around the corner the local driving jobs will begin to hire again for the season. Construction is such a fickle employer... We are still hoping for the position he applied for in Haws River, that will put us lots closer to Raleigh and the people we left behind when we moved to HM almost 2 years ago.

Ravyn is walking...just a few steps at a time, but I'm pretty sure she'll be a force to be reckoned with in the next few days. She got a little walk behind toy for Yule and loves it like crazy. She uses that to get into everything that isn't nailed down, LOL! It has given her the confidence she needs to try standing and walking without being supported in any way. GOSH, she's growing SO fast! She's almost 9 months old... YIKES!, I'm still here. My diet and weight loss have been put on hold for a while. It's really hard to buy the correct food to eat on a limited budget. Especially since Jimmy doesn't do too well with salads, fruits and veggies. He's a meat and taters guy, like most men, so for now, I'm buying the groceries that we can both eat and making them stretch as far as I can each month. With this new job, we are praying we can get back on track and be able to do more than *just survive*.

I've been pretty moody too, I could blame it on seasonal depression, however, the winter has honestly been pretty good, so I'm not sure where the bitchiness is coming from. I've been keeping up with Ashford, studying my Totems and learning more about how they guide us on a daily basis, and I've been reading my Nook at least for an hour or so each night before bed. I'm just feelin kinda blah...

Hopefully, when the weather gets a bit warmer I can start spending some time outside and the cabin fever will go away. I'm looking forward to being able to work in my little flower garden with the possibility of expanding it a bit this year. Last Spring/Summer was the first time I was able to have the space to plant anything and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Jimmy helped a lot, cause he knows I've never been very successful at growing things, but hey, that's what happens when you grow up in the desert. Everything is brown and I never took the time to try growing things when I lived there. The other day, I found someone had planted daffodils along the edge of the driveway. I guess they had already bloomed by the time we moved in here last April, and I'm watching those little green shoots like a mother hen. I LOVE Daffy's, I have ever since I first discovered them when we lived in Maryland,  to me they are the perfect signal that spring has arrived!