Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's Almost Over

Just 2 more days! This class is kicking my ass. And it's not because I don't know the material or the software we are required to use. My problem is with this instructor.

Every week for the past 5 weeks she has posted our assignments and I've made sure I READ EVERYTHING, however, I've had this feeling after assignments are posted she goes back later in the week and adds things to the assignment. Like for this week, we are doing our research paper, and have actually been working on it since week 1. I have read and re read the instructions over and over and over, and each time there is something different posted. Yesterday when I went to make sure I had all the elements included in my paper, I find we are supposed to incorporate an Excel spreadsheet in our paper. THIS WAS NOT THERE IN WEEK 1 or 2 or 3 or EVEN LAST WEEK.

How can I be *sure* I wasn't overlooking something? Because I copied and pasted the assignment into a Word Doc so I would have it available in order to work offline. After 45 mins of being logged in to the classroom, you are automatically *timed out* and need to log back in. Since this class and this particular assignment has been the most challenging, I started making a *hard copy* of my assignments.

OH well, as far as I'm concerned, my assignment is complete. I can't do anymore, it's making me CRAZY! I have met all the Grading Rubric requirements (except for the Excel spreadsheet), 9 pages APA formatted, including Title and reference page, embedded images, proof read, all the I's are dotted and the T's crossed. Indented and cited. That's JUST the paper. Then we have the 10 slide PowerPoint presentation that accompanies the paper. Which BTW, was part of our discussion question last week. We uploaded the PP to our *chat* server for peer review... (I got a perfect score on this one).

After all is said and done this week, I'm just hoping for a passing grade in this class. I sure ain't gonna have an *A*, that was screwed during the second week. But that's a different subject all together.

Let's just say the end of course survey we as students do after each class is going to be THE most detailed survey with lots of entries in the note section that I've done so far... C'mon Tuesday and Eng122 English Composition II...