Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Night Ramblings...

It's been a strange but yet productive day here in the Lair. We didn't have Miss Ravyn today as scheduled. We still got up at 4:15 and waited, and waited, but they never got here. So at 4:40 I'm on the phone to see what happened. Mommy got sick overnight and was unable to go to work. She didn't hear her alarm and was not only late calling in to work, but also letting us know what happened. As a result, the Huz and I were able to go back to sleep for a bit, and by a bit I mean I was back up about 8:30. Jimmy slept in til about 11, he really needed it. He's been such a great help in the wee hours of the mornings when Ravyn does come, he is usually the one who gets up to take care of her. He LOVES his mornings with her, she's still sleepy and cuddly, normally he can put her in her bed and then come back to sleep for a while.

I got up and turned the coffee maker on, took the fur babies out, and then settled on the sofa to begin the waking up routine. Turn the telly on and flip through the channels a few times to see if anything catches my eye...usually NOT, but sometimes something just makes me stop. Today was a NOT day, so I got my first cuppa with Int'l Delight Cinnabon and switched over to the DVR. I had Revenge saved from last night and settled in to see who shot Daniel. Man was I surprised when the dead guy actually ended up being Tyler...and since I absolutely could not stand that character, I was one happy Witch when they revealed him as the victim.

After Jimmy got up and had his coffee, we both got busy cleaning the house, picking stuff up, Jimmy vacuumed and I did a load of laundry. You see...the Time Warner Cable guy was coming today to set us up with their Signature Home Service. It's whole house DVR, phone and ...get this!! 50mgb of internet...WOOT! This means Jimmy can play WoW or SWtoR without ANY interruptions or problems. We also get 90 days of FREE HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and TMC. I'm excited because we have 2 DVR's that can record up to 4 different shows at a time AND we can watch any show in any room! We can even start a show in the living room, and then finish it in the bedroom. Boy Howdy...we are UPTOWN now, LOL!!

Ashford is...well, let's just say I am very happy this is week 4 and I only have 1 more week of this class to go. I have a problem with the instructor and her inability to be clear on the assignments she gives us each week. This week, it's 1 assignment, and 2 discussion questions, one of which is to upload and share for classmate review our 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation that is part of our final research project that is due on the 27th. Both discussion questions have been submitted and tomorrow while we don't have Ravyn, I'm going to work on the assignment that's due Monday.

Well my Darlings, that was my Thursday. Nothing *too* exciting, with just the right amount of productivity...

OH! I forgot to mention. Last night Tanya and Ed gave me a late birthday present. I got a wii Fit, with Yoga...


  1. That was awesome. I have a wii fit but don't use it much. Wasn't revenge a supprise. We love that show. Try the delight coldstone ice cream flavor creamer. Its really good. I am going to buy two of them. My husband loves it. Well have a good night.

  2. OMG Wii Fit YAY I love mine!! We can exchange friend codes on Wii Fit and send each other messages LOL