Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bureaucracy ~ How I LOATHE thee...

I'd like to just say how much I am NOT liking the NC drivers license agency.

My AZ license went through a commercial dryer and melted so that you can't see the number on the FRONT of it. The number is CLEARLY visible on the back... if you would take the time to turn the damn thing over and look AFTER I showed you where the number was on the back, you would see the number. But NO! The number *must* be clearly visible on the *front* on the DL...

So, since I don't have a *valid* picture ID, nor a passport, nor a marriage license, or a NC high school diploma, the only other acceptable document on your list is a birth certificate?? How does a birth certificate *prove* who I am?? It has my BIRTH name and NO picture.

I emptied my wallet and showed this stupid B#&%@ everything I have with my legal name on it, even my current and valid cosmetology license and about a dozen different bank cards. But they are not *acceptable* and *valid* proof of who I am.

I can't get a duplicate AZ drivers license (which doesn't expire until 2016), because I need a PHOTO update before one can be issued. HELLO!!! I explained to the *nice* young lady on the phone that I'm in NC and there is NO way I can come in to the local AZ DMV to update my picture...

It looks like my next step is going to be to go online to Indiana Vital Records Vital Check, pay the $10.00 for my birth certificate AND the $8.50 service fee AND the $17.50 UPS Next Day Air shipping fee (because this is the ONLY DAMN OPTION you are given for shipping) for a total of $36.00 to get a copy of my birth certificate so I can take it back to NC drivers license agency to get the ID need, which will only cost me $10.00!!!

Have I mentioned lately how much I do NOT like government agencies???


  1. I feel you hon!! NC is half as backwards and am not a fan of government agencies either. Always trying to make more money from the poor.

  2. I sympathize with you. I moved to NC from Michigan and I can't believe how inefficient and crazy the DMV is down here...