Friday, April 6, 2012

Memories... Tanya and I were running around in Fayetteville, we had the radio on the local country station. Since we were doing alot of talking the music was more background noise than anything else. Until I heard a melody I thought I recognized, but wasn't sure I'd be hearing this particular song on a country station. I recognized the singer to be Dolly Parton, but had never heard her sing this particular song.

Most of you know I grew up in a very Christian home, went to church 3 or 4 times a week, and was very active in different aspects of the church functions; choir, youth group officer, youth choir... I had a few favorite musical artists I liked listening to, Carman, Ray Boltz, Don Francisco just to name a few. And even though I no longer walk the path I grew up on, I still remember much of the scripture I learned, the songs we sang, and the books we read on a regular basis. (I gotta tell you, being married to a Christian, some of these memories come in handy at times, LOL)

Today I heard Dolly Parton sing her version of a song by Don Francisco called He's Alive. It's a perfect song for the Christian Easter celebration of the resurrection of the one they believe to be their lord and savior. I won't go into all the technical aspects of how I feel about this, that  isn't the point to this entry.

My point is, even though I no longer walk the Christian path, I still have my memories of that life. A few are more pleasant than most of them, and usually I can keep the worst of them in the box I have put them in WAY up high on the very back of the top shelf in the very darkest closet in the farthest corner of my mind and leave them alone. Occasionally a good memory will slip out, which is what happened today.

I remember the first time I heard this song, I remember where I was and who I was with. Katie will always be a huge part of my life memories... we shared so MANY things over SO many years... this song was one of them. And yes, I will admit to singing along today to the song from my past as I relived some of the memories it invoked. I will also admit to getting a little teary eyed as the song played...

Does this make me a bad Witch? No, I don't believe it does. I believe it shows me how far I've come on my own spiritual path and how I have learned there is more than one way to worship. I've learned I can go to church with my husband and still maintain my own spiritual path. I've learned I can (usually) have a discussion with someone about the differences of Christianity and Witch craft without raging that *my way* is the right way, and that even though someone may think *their way* is the only way to see heaven, it's alright for them to think this. Simply because there is this thing we ALL have called free will.

And in the matter how you worship, what your spiritual path is ... all roads lead to Deity.