Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Evidently posting the following message on my Facebook Timeline didn't get the message out to enough people. Or maybe I should clarify, the *people who this is directed to*. So, here it is in black and white, bold faced print:

Hey Everyone! Unless I specifically tag you in a post here on Facebook or call you out by name in my blog, don't show your ignorance and ASSume I'm writing or talking about you. I interact with MANY people throughout the day. You may or may not be the lucky topic on any given day.

Get the message? Good! I hope so, cause I'm tired of wasting my time on this shit. I'm gonna start reporting people for harassment who troll my blog and FB pages...


  1. don't bother answering people anymore
    they are just paranoid and other things.....

  2. Wow, it's like you've known me my whole life! LOL, I don't worry about comments from the unhappys, that's what delete is for :)