Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's Wednesday and MY FRIDAY!

And it's gonna be a busy rest of the week for me. This is my last week of Ethics120 over at Ashford University, which means it's a busy week.  I have a 10 to 12 page research paper (of which I have only written 4 pages, not counting the title & reference pages) due on Monday for my final grade in this class. I've chosen to write about Gay Marriage in North Carolina and how the vote that passed Amendment 1 is not only immoral but also violates the US Constitution.

Ravyn is a year old now...and she's a very active and healthy little girl. She had her 1 year check up last week where she was given more immunizations. This week she's not feeling her best. The Dr told Tanya she would probably not feel too good this week as an after effect of one of the shots. Poor baby is in a good mood, but clingy and not eating as much as she usually does. And her sleep patterns are off this week too...

On Monday I implemented a new pattern for the beginning of my day. I get up and have my coffee, check the interwebs to see if I missed the second coming, and then go into my Witchy room, light some candles & incense and turn on some soft music. I then make myself comfy on the floor and ground. I used to do this religiously...every morning without fail and my days had more energy and more positivity to them. When I got out of the routine, I found myself grumpy and irritable (more so than usual for me) and less inclined to be open and understanding of others. I'm not saying this is a miracle cure, I've still got things to work on. But I am saying I can *feel* a difference in ME.

The beginning of the month I did my usual house cleaning on Facebook, meaning I removed some people from my friends list. This is always difficult for me. It's hard to cut ties with someone no matter the situation. I just didn't have anything in common with some of them and a few were the ones that had been giving me shit about my stance on organized religion, the LGBT community, my politics and life in general.

Well my Darlins, it's noonish here in the Sand Hills of NC, Miss Ravyn will be here about 2:30 so I need to get my self off here and do a few things before she arrives. You all have a wonderful day. And I'll try to come back out to play tomorrow...