Sunday, June 10, 2012

Let Me Set the Record Straight

It seems my post on Karma has upset a few people. People who are convinced I don't know what I'm talking about. And people who honestly believe that post was all about them. That post was NOT directed at anyone in particular, and if you feel it was, that's YOUR insecurities showing through. People are making it a point to let me know I've upset a few someones. Honestly? I don't care that I may have upset you, or you, or you, or you... If you don't want to be upset, either stop visiting my blog and Facebook page or tell your friends to stop telling you what I've written.

Again, just to make myself perfectly clear. I don't care that you want to hide yourself under a bushel and you have no concept of reality. I don't care that you see only sunshine and rainbows, I don't care that one day you are going to be served up a very large portion of what the world is really like and you are gonna choke on it. I don't care that my words somehow have the power to upset you, or you, or you... before any of you start throwing your threats around, make sure you remember who you are dealing with. I don't take threats lying down. Even if you don't believe in magick and I do and that is all that matters. And believe me, I am NOT afraid of my dark side.

Now that the mundane is out of the way...

I am a Dean's List college student who is required to write a research paper for each of the classes I'm enrolled in. Research means looking at many different aspects of a subject and after doing so, then and only then do you have enough information to have an opinion or make a decision. Let me repeat, make an EDUCATED decision on a topic. Looking to find an article that backs up your theory is easy. That is not what research is. Reliable research websites usually end in .org, .gov and .edu. Anyone with a computer can have a .com site and therefore are not reliable for research.

Not only am I a college student who does research on a daily basis, I've also been following my spiritual path, the same path without being wishy washy about it for 12 years. I read everything I can by well known authors who have the education and the teaching degrees to back up what they have to say, and are ordained in their specific spiritual path. I don't say I'm _____ and then a few weeks or months later say this doesn't fit me any longer so I'm gonna believe _____.

As I said in my previous post, there are many different beliefs on how Karma manifests in someone's life. MY Karmic belief is simple, you live what you give. Just because I don't follow the same belief as someone else might, doesn't make MY belief wrong. It makes this world a vastly diverse place to live and thank the Goddess we are ALL able to feel and believe in any manner we desire.

I believe I have been witness to Karma in action. Again this is MY belief and I'm not trying to convince anyone that my belief is the only one nor that what they might believe about Karma is wrong. When someone bad mouths another, manipulates, lies, cheats and is a generally unhappy person, I believe that is exactly what they will get back in their life.

Anyone with a computer can write and publish a blog, and anyone with a computer can write a self help article. Does writing a self help page make them qualified to give advice? NOPE! While I was searching for information on the various interpretations of Karma I read an article written by a self described *Woman's Advocate* who has also written a book called Karma. The description for her book says:

*Karma is based upon two decades of research into the global sex trade that enslaves 2.5 million women and children. It is a story of courage, hope and spirituality that will enlighten readers on this global problem and inspire them with what the author calls the true meaning of karma.*

How does researching the sex trade make someone an expert on Karma? I I read some more of the article. And I'm still confused, but it IS her belief, so I'm going to let her believe as she wants. I may not agree with her, but I won't tell her she's wrong.

So, I'll keep reading, keep researching and keep believing in my version of Karma. After all, it is MY belief and thankfully I live where my belief is not only allowed but also protected by the government. My point of view isn't for everyone, I don't want you all to agree with me for that would make life very boring indeed.