Monday, June 11, 2012


The events of this past week have given me the opportunity to reconnect with some people I hadn't had any type of communication with in a few months. It was amazing to see how many of my friends rallied around during what I thought was a difficult time in my life. They helped me to see my worry wasn't warranted, that my bitterness was misplaced. I want to take a minute to say I love my friends...

Out of 300 people on my Facebook friends list, I have met more than half, thanks in part to many of us belonging to the Pagan community and the events and activities we have attended together. Those I haven't met, I still hold dear to my heart, because they are some very wise and honorable people. Many live within driving distance of no more than a day, some live farther away on the opposite side of the country. It doesn't matter the distance, we are all here as a *family* to support each other when we are needed.

So, Thank You my friends, for loving me and standing by me through my insecurities and bouts of hysteria.  And thank you for being my friend...

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