Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Night Musings

It's been a very crazy day here in the Sand Hills. So I don't have much to say...

Today was my Mother's 79th birthday...I called to wish her happy birthday and now I've got a million and one things running around in my head. Both Momma and my brother aren't in the best of health. Both are managing... I could hear the frustration in my brother's voice as I talked to him today.

I'm pretty wiped out and if I continue, I'll just begin to jumble everything together. I can't even think clear enough to write the post I had intended to write on Paranoia. Maybe tomorrow... and that will be the last entry on mental health issues. At least for now.

They are short employees *again* in Tanya's store, so she's working 6 days this week. I'll have Ravyn tomorrow, off Friday and she's back on Saturday. Jimmy should be home either tomorrow or Friday.

Sending wishes for peaceful dreams...