Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ten Things on Thursdays ~ Ten Things You May Not Know


Earlier today my friend Bella over at Tales of the Wolf Queen started a new meme for Thursdays. Since I hadn't done this one before I asked if she minded if I used her idea and began a weekly post here at Aoibheal's Lair. She is such a generous soul... she agreed! So here is today's Ten Things ...

1. I am a girly girl. Yes, I'm a witch... but I still like to have my nails done and my hair colored. I'm also a licensed cosmetologist and usually do my own hair and nails but sometimes it's nice to be pampered with a trip to the salon. Especially for pedicures. OMGoddess, there is NOTHING better than relaxing in one of those massage chairs while someone is making your toes look gorgeous!

2. I am a book whore. That's right... I read everything I can get my hands on! I feel it is important to be educated on a multitude of things. If you don't know what's going on around you how can you hold an intelligent conversation with anyone other than perhaps the fly on the wall??

3. I've recently begun re-aligning my inner self. I'm working with an amazing woman who among her other many talents is a Reiki Master. I am beginning to work with energies and light. I had been having some pretty severe headaches and when I talked to my mentor about them, she explained my energies were re-aligning and showed me how to work with the new energies. Now I set aside time each day to meditate and tune into what the vibrations have to tell me. And I can honestly say this is working. Before, if I saw something considered to be controversial, I'd pull out my soapbox and go off. Don't get me wrong, these same things still upset me, I can just manage the emotions better.

4. I love the rain! Seriously, it could rain every day and I don't think I'd get tired of it... maybe, but I really don't think so. This must come from me living in Arizona my entire life before moving east of the Mississippi. Everyone knows Arizona is desert, with a few green spots brought to the state by people who have moved there from a more green area of the country. It does have it's monsoons, but only for 6 weeks or so each year. I was amazed at how green things actually are and how much it rained after I moved to Maryland and now North Carolina.

5. I'm addicted to my Kuerig coffee maker and the awesome flavored coffees I have found. So far my two favorites are Kahlua and English Toffee from Gloria Jean's. I absolutely love that I can make a single cup of coffee any time of the day I want without having to measure coffee into a filter basket and wait for it to brew...yes, it still has to brew in the Kuerig but I have a hot cup of coffee in just about a minute.

6. If I don't get at least 7 hours of sleep I have a difficult time functioning.  No I'm serious...if I can't sleep I'm groggy the entire day and will be even more irritable and bitchy than I usually am. I've had the house to myself the past 2 days, haven't had Ravyn and Jimmy has been on the road, so I have slept late, gone to bed early and napped if I wanted to. I really needed to catch up on the little amount of sleep I had over the weekend. We took Cheyenne home to MD and sat up late on Friday talking with my daughter, got up early Sat to run around and then was up til almost 2 AM Sunday morning talking, drinking tea and reconnecting with our very good friends... (who BTW it seems like we never left them, we just picked up where we left off 6 years ago).

7. I LOVE the ocean. Technically I am an air sign, but I get my energy from the ocean. I've been to both the Pacific and the Atlantic and I would rather be an Atlantic girl. The water is not only warmer, it's also MUCH cleaner. My favorite thing to do is just sit on the beach at the water line and let the waves break over my feet and lower legs. I get SO much grounding and so re energized by spending a few hours at the beach I can handle anything that comes up afterwards. If I'm lucky I can go 3 or 4 times a season... and really, I don't mind going when it's cold... I NEED the ocean almost as much as I need to breathe, LOL!

8.  I ADORE my friends...all of them. And it doesn't matter if they are real life face to face or online friends. To me they are all the same and I treat each of them as if they were GOLD. If any of them have a problem and I can help, I'm there. I have been fortunate to be blessed with many different friends from all across the country, I know I can count on them in times of trouble and times of joy. They all are dear to my heart and I make the time each day to let them know just how much they mean to me.

9. Recently, I was asked to be a contributing author to an amazing blog. Today I agreed. As soon as I get things set up and begin posting there, I will add a link on the sidebar so you can check it out if you are so inclined. I am honored to know there are those out there who not only read the crazy mixed up things I write, but enjoy them enough to ask me to write for them as well.

10. I received an award the other day from Salem Witch Child... it's the Sunshine Award. And I'll be doing the entry for that tomorrow:

SO, there you have it... my first entry for Ten Things on Thursday. I hope I was able to give you some insight to me and let you know a few things you didn't already know.


  1. Oh I loooove it! So glad you did this!

    I am a Taurus, but I, too, gather my energy from the ocean more than anywhere else. I live less than ten minutes away from the coast, and I love it.

    I am so excited about your new writing venture. I can not wait to read it!

    Thanks for doing this, and for the shout out. LOVE the graphic!!!


  2. Thanks for sharing with me. And I'm happy you like the graphic. I'm super excited about the new venture. I'm hoping I can get an entry done and posted tomorrow... <3

  3. Yay for book whores and ocean lovers ;)