Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ten Things Thursday ~ Favorite Music

Last week we went through some of my favorite Pagany books, and since I'm trying to keep you all interested in this meme, I'm thinking I need to give you a different topic each week, but still keeping with the same idea of Ten Things... SO here we go, this week I give you ten of my favorites songs in random order and a short reason why I love them so much.

1. Devil's Candy by Gary Alan: This song is about addiction and as some may know devil's candy is another name for cocaine. No, I don't use drugs of any kind. This song and album came out about the time Jimmy & I got together and ended up being sort of a *theme* song for us. One line goes "I've always had a sweet tooth for the devil's candy". From this line Jimmy told me I was his addiction... that he couldn't get enough of me. I guess it's pretty much spot on, we've been together for going on 12 years so I figure I'm still feeding his addiction, LOL!

2. Man to Man by Gary Alan: Same album, same time frame. This song was a message to my ex husband from Jimmy. "You're throwin' around a lot of serious accusations, Ain't too hard to tell what you're insinuatin', You think I'm the one who stole her away, And if not for me she'd still be yours today, We're both men here so why play games, Why don't we call a spade a spade". To say the least my leaving the ex was a challenge for everyone involved. Our marriage and life was over long before Jimmy came into the picture. The ex couldn't see it even though I had been very plain when I told him he had to leave, so he blamed Jimmy for our problems.

3. Melodramma by Andrea Bocelli: If you haven't heard this song, you really need to. This man's voice is so beautiful and powerful at the same time. This song and entire album (Ciele Di Toscana) is one of our favorites. It holds many memories of our first Christmas together and the trip we took to Sedona AZ where we stayed at the Poco Diablo resort. I can enthusiastically recommend any and all of the music by this incredible man.

4. Fairy Night Songs by Gary Stadler: There are actually quite a few songs by this artist and I use them on a daily basis for meditation and more often than not just for basic relaxation. I highly recommend anything by Gary Stadler.

5. Alive by Omnia: This song gets my blood pumping and makes me want to move. I haven't known about this group very long, but from the minute I first heard them I was hooked. This can be classified *Pagan* music and at one time I have a couple tracks in the music player I had here on the blog.

6. Away with the Faeries by Inkubus Sukkubus: It's very hard for me to choose just one song from this band. They are a Pagan rock band from England and when I first heard them in 2003, I was immediately a huge fan. Their music is graphic and pumpin. I don't think I've heard anything in this genre that comes close to their sound. Check them out and let me know what you think.

7. Faithfully by Journey: What can I say, I LOVE me some Journey, who doesn't? Faithfully is a song that you either love or hate, I love it and can listen to it over and over.

8. Rhiannon by Stevie Nicks: Stevie Nicks is probably my all time favorite female artist. I've seen her in concert multiple times and she gets continues to wow each time I see her. When we lived in Scottsdale, we actually lived on the same street she did and would occasionally see her in the grocery. She's as down to earth as you'd imagine and has such a huge heart. Rhiannon is about a Welsh Witch and even though Stevie tells everyone she's not a Witch or Pagan, there is just something about her that makes you think it might be possible.

9. Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) by Trans Siberian Orchestra: This song blows me away every time I hear it. It's another I can loop all day and never get tired of hearing. If you haven't seen TSO in concert, they are more than worth the money and I'll endorse them any time.

10. Cathy's Clown by Reba McEntire: This is a remake of an old Everly Brother's song from back in 1960. I love the version by Reba and the video that goes with it has Bruce Boxleitner as the male star who the song is supposed to be about. Reba did the song and video in 1989 and was her 30th number 1 hit. I love Reba, and there isn't much of her music I don't like. This was a toss up between Cathy's Clown and She Thinks His Name was John...

So there you have it, 10 more things about me you may not have known before and probably aren't any more excited to know now, LOL! As with everything else in my life I have a very wide and eclectic taste when it comes to music, movies, books, food and anything else you could possibly think of...