Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ten things Thursday~My Favorite Pagany Books

This week I'm going to give you 9 of my favorite books in the Pagan genre. Some I've had for many years, others are recent acquisitions and for one reason or another they are books that I actually have used and continue to go back to for reference or just a refresher if I've forgotten something. These books are the *actual* books, not downloaded for my Nook or Kindle. When I buy a Pagan type book I want to be able to highlight and underline and make notes in the margins as I read. So, here we go...

1. The Spiral Dance: This is one of the first books I was given many years ago when I began my journey into Paganism. I love this book and highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a connection with the Goddess.

2. When God Was A Woman: What can I say? Merlin Stone is/was an amazing person with such great insight into the world of Paganism. This is another book I believe every person should read no matter how you believe.

3. To Ride A Silver Broomstick was actually the very first book I purchased. It was recommended to me by my daughter who has been a Priestess of Isis for many years. Yes, I know there are those who say Silver Ravenwolf is *fluffy* and controversial. In part I agree, HOWEVER, this book is very easy to read and understand and I would and have recommended it for someone who is just beginning to seek their path in Paganism or Wicca. I do not endorse all the things Ms. Ravenwolf stands for, but for a first book, this is a great choice.

4. The New Book of Goddess and Heroines is a book that gives you so much information on any of the Goddesses you may be searching for. I found pantheons I didn't know existed and learned so much about the Goddesses of the Celtic path. Celtic is the first path I walked upon and even though I have altered my direction a few times, I still lean towards all things Celtic.

5. Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs is the MUST have book on my shelf. I use this book for everything, from planting, to cooking and everything in between. There is so much information about each plant and herb and the properties of each and how to use them in spells.

6. FaerieCraft: When I was called by the Fae to begin my journey with them, I was very unclear how to go about working with the Faerie. I asked everyone I came in content with for books about the Faerie path. There are a few out there, but this is THE one. This is my *bible*, I go to this book for everything related to Faerie. I've learned so much from this book and the authors speak in a language that is easy to understand and makes you want to keep reading. If you work with Faerie, this is the book I highly recommend as a first book.

7. Paganism an Introduction to Earth Centered Religions: I belong to a Pagan book club in the Raleigh area and this is one of the books we as a group chose to read for 2010. The Higginbotham's give you a LOT of useful information in a way that makes you want to keep turning the page to see what's next. I have given this to people outside of Paganism who aren't clear what it is we believe to help them get a better understanding of what Paganism is.

8. ChristoPaganism: When the book club decided to add this to our reading list I was more than excited. Most of you know Jimmy is Christian and I am Witch. Many people said there was NO way we were going to be able to continue in our relationship because it would be like mixing oil and water. After growing up in a Christian home, but having more questions than anyone wanted to take the time to answer, I became disillusioned with that spiritual path. Jimmy just came into his faith in 2008 and I was determined to make not only our marriage continue to work as it had before, but to also find a way to meld our faith. This book gives so much information and insight into how the Christian faith actually took many of it's roots from the Pagan faith. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is searching for answers in a multi faith relationship. And BTW... Jimmy and I are STILL together, still strong in each of our Spiritual walks and fully support the other in the path they have chosen to follow.

9. Book of Shadows by Phyllis Curott: This is a personal accounting of one woman's journey into the Craft. She gives us a up close and personal look at how she went from not believing or understanding the changes she was going through, to her initiation and on to becoming a Priestess in her own coven. Her journey is amazing and I have read this book over and over and over... it's well worth having in your library.

Well, there you have 9 of my favorite Pagany books. Not to say they are my TOP 9, but they all have a place in my life, in my journey and on my bookshelf. Please understand, I have many books, read everything I can get my hands on and some books resonate more clearly than others. I hope I've given you a few you can explore.


  1. I really need to get a replacement copy of #4. I don't know what happened to mine, but suspect is was one of the casualties of fleeing Paradise Valley like I did and leaving so much of my library and tools behind.

    When God Was A Woman is a must read and one of my favorite books. I recommend it to anyone who asks me what books to read on spirituality.

  2. Yes, I've read a few of these over the years -- classics all!

  3. Are we in a similar mind frame or what, we both posted about books today lol.

    I have the Cunningham and the Currot book, they both have permanent places on my bookshelves.

    Some of the others I have read, but one I had never heard of is the Goddesses and Heroines book, I will have to check that out.

    Thanks for sharing! <3

  4. I've also *misplaced* my Goddess and Heroines and will need to replace it as soon as possible. It's on my Amazon Wish List...

  5. I have SO many books that I keep as reference or my *go to* books, these were just the ones that jumped out and said *it's my turn*! LOL!!

  6. Goddess and Heroines gives you a pretty good break down of each Goddess, their Pantheon and a bit about how to work with them. I think you will enjoy it...

    And yes we seem to be on the same page, LOL!! Next week I plan to post about music... all inclusive, not just one genre. <3