Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No Time for Nonsense...

My mentor told me a few weeks ago, there would come a point in my life where I find myself intolerant of those who may think they are on a higher plane, among the open-minded and accepting, but who in reality are not vibrating on the same elevated plane that many others are on. I wasn't too sure I believed her. And once again I have been slapped in the face with the reality of what I know to be happening but have been unwilling to accept.

Monday was the first of the month, and like each month before I went through my friends list on Facebook and my blogroll and removed those who I either don't have any type of contact with or just can't seem to find the intelligence they are so often screaming for others to recognize they have. As with everything, each of us is ever changing, making decisions about how we need or want to live our life. Some of those changes are progressive while others are regressive. For me, I hope the changes I'm making will be for the better for my path both spiritual and the way I live my day to day life.

As I move forward in my search for knowledge, I find myself being more willing to remove those things that are negative and those people who seem to me to be either stagnant or moving in a backward direction instead of making positive forward changes. I find myself amazed at the number of people I deal with who will scream from the highest mountain they can climb how open to diversity they are, while in reality, they are continuing to wallow in the same self-centered and judgemental slime they can't seem to crawl out of.

I honestly have no time or place in my life for negative nonsense. And will, in fact, feel a great sense of peace and relief once I remove you from my inner circle. Growing, changing and improving is difficult at best, but allowing anyone or anything to keep you shackled to the sameness is unacceptable.

I have no time for nonsense...