Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ten Things Thursday ~ Ten Things That Piss Me Off

Yes, I know I'm late getting this out there to you. It's gonna be short and to the point, more of a list instead of the item and the explanation or reason it's one of my Ten Things. I've got a multitude of things going on today and can't seem to accomplish any of them. So having said that, I'd like to apologize for not being more involved in this post... I just don't have any more energy today...

Ten Things That PISS Me Off:

1. Close Minded People (and yes, if you think this comment is about you, it probably is)

2. People who have nothing better to do than cause hate and discontent.(see above comment)

3. Mosquitos. I wished they sucked fat instead of blood

4. Not having a Pagan store in the area. (Fayetteville) that is open other than weekends at the flea market.

5. People who can't take no for an answer. When I say NO, I mean NO.

6. Attention Whores (again, see comment #1)

7. Not being organized. I can't work in clutter and if I have to clean before I work it irritates me to the point I wanna throw things.

8. Running out of tea. Yes, this is usually my fault but it still pisses me off.

9. Doctors who won't LISTEN to you when they see you. How the hell can you treat me if you don't know what the problem is?

10. People who MUST have the last word in any given situation.


  1. Good post! Love this 10 things. I might have to try this tomorrow!

  2. I feel you on all of this. Our local pagan shop closed after 20 years of business and now the only place I can get incense and some other limited supplies is at the flea market on weekends as well. Totally sucks. As for the rest...tomorrow is a new day, and what we are doing is awesome and the most fun I have had in a loooong time. We can not let others get in our way, we are above all that. We are BETTER than that. <3

  3. I've been doing Ten Things Thursday for a few weeks now and I LOVE doing it. Something new each week. Bella actually started it and I asked her if I could jump in. She agreed and I did the little graphic that we both use. Feel free to join us! I think there are a few doing it now...

  4. Yes, we ARE better than the crap we've been through this week, and I know next week it will be better. All is good in the world at least for tonight, LOL!

  5. See, I read things like this post and the last post and it makes me worried that I've missed or forgotten something important.

  6. You haven't missed anything at all! Nor have you forgotten anything. This is something new I've been doing for a few weeks to keep me motivated to write a little each day on my blog. And the last post was a NaBloWriMo prompt... that is all. <3