Monday, November 5, 2012

A Plea for Help...

Hello everyone, this is Jimmy, I am Vickie's husband. I've hijacked her blog today because we need your help. I'm hoping by writing here, more of Vickie's friends and followers will see this and spread the word. I posted this on my Facebook Timeline last week, and there have been many responses to our cry. To those who have already contributed I want to say a very huge THANK YOU. However, we are still short of funds for her to be able to drive to Arizona for the memorial. I will be staying behind here in NC and working to maintain our household expenses with the hope Vickie will have one less thing to worry about as she drives across country TWICE in order to join her family as they say their final goodbye's to the Matriarch of Clan Baker.

*As many of you know Vickie’s Mom passed away Saturday morning , October 27th. I want to thank all of you who have sent along your condolences and love. I want you all to know as her husband I am deeply thankful for each and every one of you. I am humbled by all of those we call friends.

Now the hard part…I cannot come up with enough money to get her and my 2 daughters and 2 granddaughters to Arizona. It is going to be about $2000 to drive and about $3500 to fly. Of which I have approximately $1000. I am well aware that most of you are in no position to aid us and I am extremely grateful to you for your friendship alone. If any of you are perhaps able, Vickie has a PayPal account and you can access it by using her e-mail when you go to the PayPal site.

This is the most difficult thing I can remember happening to me. Falling short as a provider is really tearing me up and I truly never thought I would have to bring myself to ask you all for help but, this is an extremely important thing to me, to see that she can be there for the memorial service and spreading of the ashes. As such I will humble myself and ask If any of you feel you might be able to gift us gas money, anything you could contribute would be greatly appreciated.*

If each of you would be able to contribute just $10.00, we would be well  on our way to reaching our goal. I thank you in advance for any amount you might be able to contribute...