Monday, December 17, 2012

Taking An Internet Break

After I finish posting my assignments over at Ashford this evening (where my 2-week holiday break begins tomorrow), I think I'm going to need to take a break from Facebook and the entire internet for a few days.

It seems like everything on my Facebook news feed, Twitter feed and even in my emails, is negative and angry. I fully comprehend the tragedy of Friday, however, I will not continue to subject myself to the nasty remarks from people who are supposed to be walking a spiritual path, whichever path they have chosen. Blaming the lack of God in schools, or not enough gun control shows how little you actually know about the situation.

God is with you no matter where you are, and being able to have a time recognized for school prayer makes not one bit of difference.

Instead of playing the *blame game*, find a better way to use your energy. Hug your children, pray for your neighbor, volunteer at any of the numerous charities in your town. This may not seem like the way to make a difference in your eyes, but in the long run, you will have made a big change for humanity.

I am not perfect and will be the first to point out my many flaws. When everything out of another's mouth is nasty, negative and hurtful to others, there comes a time when I have to just walk away and not engage. This has been happening too often in the past few weeks... and more so since Friday.

Most of you know how to find me, I'm not cutting off contact altogether. I just don't want to see the hate and discontent many are stirring. It is beginning to make me physically ill to the point I'm having trouble eating and keeping food down.

I do hope you all will find some inner peace in the next few days. Yule is Friday, and then next Tuesday is Christmas. This is supposed to be a magical and peaceful time of the year. I realize someone took that away from many families, but unless you have a magic wand you can wave to bring those children and teachers back, there is NOTHING you can do by being negative, hateful and argumentative.

I wish you peace...for all of you...