Friday, January 4, 2013


This morning I got up feeling much better than I had all week. Jimmy is home until tomorrow and I asked if he felt like going out and doing something because I've been in the house all week and needed to get outside for a while, he says sure let's go...

I have a million and one things running around in my head for craft projects and today I was on the search for the things to do one of those...just one. I came home with none of the things I went after. Which has left me more than frustrated and a bit irritable.

I want to learn wood burning, so we did buy a nice wood burning tool set. I have no idea how to use it and probably won't expend the effort to even unwrap it for a few days. My goal for today was to get a piece of wood I could play with/practice on. I'm thinking I can spend less than 10 bucks at Michael's or someplace... nope, didn't happen. When we started out, I wanted a piece of wood and some paint... somewhere along the way, my scattered mind went on vacation, leaving me with the inability to make a solid decision.

Thus I came home with a scrap piece of wood from Home Depot, a wood burning tool I have NO idea how to use and no paint... and this my friends is my fulfillment for posting today. Now I am done. I'll be back tomorrow. Maybe.

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