Friday, January 18, 2013

Posts in the *Draft* mode... or Rambling on a Friday Morning...

This morning I was going through my settings here on the blog and found I have numerous posts I've begun, didn't finish and then stored them in *Draft*. Some of these posts may or may not ever see the light of day. I found a few of them to be things that I wrote when I was upset or angry or just needed to put thoughts into writing, these probably won't ever be *published* unless I go through and do some heavy editing. Others contain information I want to keep, and instead of putting it into a word doc and saving it to my laptop, I saved it here where I can find it from any computer.
Then there are the few I've begun chronicling my trip to and from Arizona this past November. I'm not sure I can ever complete those posts and publish them. One in particular is my memories of my Momma. I write a bit in it every now and then, but can't seem to get it to the point I'd want to make the information public. I believe this particular post is my way of keeping Momma close to me while I deal with the loss of such a remarkable woman.

At any rate, I wanted to clean up my post list, but found I can't remove anything. So, while this doesn't make any difference to those of you who read my blog, it DOES make a difference to me and my random bouts of OCD and the *need* to have things organized, clean and clutter free.

And there you have my senseless rambling for today, LOL!!!


  1. I do the same thing. I have a few drafts I'd love to either publish or delete. None of them are even personal. It's just posts I started to write and lost focus on. I open them once in awhile and usually still have no focus so close.
    Once in awhile I actually write something and end up publishing it. lol. That's why I don't delete them. Perhaps eventually I'll find the right words.

  2. I couldn't help but to smile; I have the same thing going on. Most of the time those posts do eventually reach the light of day but because they are so "dated" to events at that time I do have to do heavy editing as well.