Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wood Burning ... Fail!

At least for me. I tried it, and I think I'd probably be able to be productive with it. However, my hands say absolutely NOT! I was only able to manage one letter that was about an inch before my right hand began cramping up and looking like the *claw*.

So, Jimmy said he'd be glad to do any wood burning I'd like to have done for which ever project and I'm just going to stick to sewing, beading and painting. That leaves me 3 different mediums that have many creative outlets in each...

I have enough fabric to make 8 more Tarot bags, and then I've got a couple ideas running around for Spirit Boards. I know they look best when burned (at least to me) but I think I'm going to see if I can make them look *right* by painting the design.

Then I've also got some other things that haven't quite come together yet... In time, Vickie, in time. LOL!


  1. As someone who uses wood-burning as a creative outlet, I totally understand.

  2. I bought a wood burning tool set; used it once; Don't think it was meant for me, either.

  3. Wood burning is not an easy task to do. First choose stoves according to your need then you have to use totally Dry woods, little pieces and big pieces combination. You have to leave the space to air pass. If you do all these work properly than it will be counted in creativity... LOL