Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wishing You A Very Blessed Imbolc...

I'm not very good at celebrating this particular Sabbat even though it means a great deal to me. I was born on Imbolc, and since I've begun following the path I've chosen, I *know* it's coming, I *know* it's significance, I just can't seem to figure out what I should do to honor this day. And I've found it's also possible for this Sabbat to be easily swept aside because it's not as exciting as Beltane, Samhain or Yule. I can always remember my birthday, why do I have such a difficult time honoring this Sabbat?

I still follow some of the Celtic teachings, and back in the early part of my new found spiritual journey, I made a point to at least light some candles in honor of Brighid.  This morning while going through my Facebook Timeline and responding to the wishes for a Happy Birthday and Blessed Solar Return, I came across a simple candle ritual that jumped out and said, here...DO THIS! This will give you the foundation you need to honor Imbolc, while at the same time helping to achieve some of the things you've been looking for.

I follow Seasons In Avalon's Facebook page and they always have some great information to share. I'm always excited when they post something, it's always informative and I usually make use of their sharing. If you click on the link above you will be taken to their FB page and can find this simple but powerful Ritual...

Since Imbolc is a Fire Festival, candles are the centerpiece of the casting.
1. Line up seven candles and place a small fireproof bowl in front of them.

2. At the foot of each candle place a folded note on which you have written something you want or need - physical or essential.

3. The candles do not have to match. They can be various sizes. You could use all white, all burgundy, or match the candle to the symbolic energy of the desire it's paired with.

4. Today (Imbolc) light the first candle. (Start in the south if you lined up south to north, start in the east if you lined up east to west.) Unfold your note and study it. Give it your FULL concentration for a full minute seeing that wish fulfilled. If your mind wanders start over until you've held that focus for sixty seconds in a row.

5. Touch the note to that candle flame and release the call to the cosmos that your desire manifests in the coming year. Place the remnants in the bowl and leave them there.

6. Repeat each day.

7. On the eighth day gather the contents of the bowl and place them in a container like a small box or envelope (not plastic). Place the container on your altar if you have one or in some safe place.

Next year on the eve of Imbolc discard the contents of your container and renew your spell. The key to your results is the focus you give. If you want this thing badly enough to ask the universe to rearrange itself for you, then you should be able to contemplate that thing for a minute.

I have already set up my 7 candles, and I've taken the time today to write the seven notes stating my intention and desire. Tonight, and each night for 6 more nights, before I go to bed I'm going to light one of the candles, concentrate on what is written on the slip of paper and then release me desire into the ether... I'm claiming this as one more step in my journey to OWN 2013.