Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Have A Little Rant...Nothing Big, Just Something I Been Thinking 'Bout

Yesterday I was pretty upset over seeing a Facebook status update from one of the better known and well respected Pagan authors I follow on how upset they were about having to show documentation proving who they are in order to get their driver's license renewed. Since this all came as a shock to them, I'm guessing they hadn't needed to renew their license since the HUGE security measures were put into place nation wide in ALL Government buildings/offices after 9/11.

In 2003, after Jim & I moved from Arizona to Maryland, I wanted to change my license. So off I go to the closest DMV, take my number, wait my turn, all to be told when I finally get to the window that I need not only my current license from Arizona, but I also need my birth certificate and divorce decree. I was pretty upset about getting this information. I didn't have a certified copy of either document so I went home disappointed. Fortunately for me my Arizona license doesn't expire until 2016, so I have plenty of time to get things together. (This is how I found out about the requirements for additional documents).

In the status update, this person went on to blame the illegal immigrants for the reasoning behind the need for added documentation in order to have their license renewed. This rant on my timeline went on for hours, with about 2 dozen people chiming in and agreeing the *illegals* are the reason we have so much trouble now days. "Why can't they just do the thing my grandparent did when they wanted to come to the US? Do things legally and there will be no problems".

Evidently these people, including the author who began the whole thing, must live under a rock. Obtaining legal immigration status is not simply filing a few papers and being granted a green card. It can cost thousands of dollars, take more time than is necessary simply because some *smart* immigration lawyer has figured out how to make a dishonest buck off the more unfortunate. I'm not saying this happens in every case, just enough to cause the *illegals* to continue to do what they do best... run the border and arrive in the U.S. as an illegal immigrant, looking for a better life.

No, I don't have my head buried in the sand. I fully realize there are some of these illegal immigrants who end up in more trouble than we could imagine. They are deeply into drug smuggling and many other criminal activities. However, there are those who honestly want to get a job, work, pay taxes, have a home and raise their families in a safe and healthy environment. But because of the preconceived notion that ALL illegals are criminals, the decent ones never get a chance... sounds a bit like racial profiling to me. Just because one is bad doesn't make the entire basket bad as well.

And in case you haven't figured it, the added security measures that were put into place after 9/11 have absolutely nothing to do with those of Hispanic descent who are here in America illegally. When this tidbit was pointed out to the originator of the status update, they promptly responded with I wasn't going to bomb the DMV. Yeah, maybe they were just having a bad day or maybe they need to take a step back and realize things have changed here in the United States. Some of these changes require a LOT more proof of who we are. Instead of bitching about how pissed they are about having to show additional documentation, maybe they should find a way to be proactive to help immigration reform. I would tend to believe this person has the contacts and the clout... after all they have written and had published quite a few books, been proactive for other causes, and had been active within the Pagan community for more years than I can count.

Oh, and that Arizona license? I still have it, even though I am now in possession of my Birth Certificate and Divorce Decree.


  1. I don't understand why people have such a difficult time seeing reality. So much so that common sense totally leaves them during a moment of crisis. Do they understand how difficult it would be for a non-English speaking illegal immigrant to impersonate a person who speaks the language? And like you said, under what rock have they lived since 9/11?

    Seriously, this annoys me. I group this kind of ridiculous assumption right next to the argument of those who suggest that gay people want to get married in order to get money from the government. Sometimes, people are just too ridiculous to see the obvious!

  2. Even though the majority of the Pagan community (or at least the ones I've come across) are pretty open minded, there ARE those who are just as closed minded as the ones they condemn for being so. I don't understand how anyone who claims to walk a free spirit path can be so judgmental to others around them. It's too bad that this type of behavior in everyone is becoming more common as the days progress

  3. first off, amen, sister!

    second, when I got my NC license, I think all I needed was my Texas license... I remember taking a written test, but I don't remember needing any other documents. Though it was so long ago, maybe I did need my birth certificate. But why on earth would they need divorce papers? Wtf?

    This whole immigration thing is BONKERS. I think more people need to realize that we aren't talking about "immigrants" as an abstract concept. We're talking about PEOPLE. Living, breathing human beings.

    -end rant-

  4. I'm guessing a scapegoat is needed and so they have chosen the *illegal immigrants* to be their *go to* problem for everything that is happening in their life.

    I needed my divorce decree because NC says my AZ DL isn't valid because they can't see the expiration date on the front (it's plainly visible on the back)to confirm I was actually Vickie McNeely. My next official document is going to be a passport, so much easier to carry around, LOL!!!

  5. Ooooh I never thought about a passport! As you know, when I had to get my DL renewed last year, I had to ride all over hell and creation to get all the stuff I needed. It was a pain in the ass, but I understood why.

    It sucks that some people love to blame things on minority groups, and really sad when, because the person who says it is "famous" or well know, they allllll jump on the idiot bandwagon and agree with whatever that person says to make them look good. So many are afraid to say anything that is not in the popular opinion. Kudos for speaking your mind!

    Love you!

  6. Indeed, every now and then the 'tolerance' of our spiritual kin can be quite intolerant. It's sad...

  7. Many years ago I was a part of a Symposium on citizenship here in Canada in downtown Toronto to be exact, I was the receptionist for the Chairman of Metro Toronto and at his request I went, now you must remember that I look very native to most even tho I am not....there was a man there that started to complain about the immigrants and how they never had to lock doors before they came to this country, he of course was not native by any stretch of the imagination.....I let him go on and on until he finally looked at me and said and I swear my jaw hit the floor "how do you feel about this? considering they are destroying our country, you being an Indian and all!"

    I looked at him calmly and said well I am pretty sure you are not NATIVE so has it ever dawned on you that your people were the start of the immigration into this country and how do you think the Natives actually felt about you.....and just for the record no I am not Native I am an immigrant and in charge of this room of the symposium and now that you have gotten your racist rant I assume you are done right? ok now let's move on to productive and rational discussion.

    You should have seen the look on that mans face!

  8. Maryland is rough! I got caught in a 3 month spiral regarding documentation (and sadly, my WV license expired, making it more complex) - needing Document A to get Document B, and Doc B to get C, and Doc C to get A. It cost a huge amount of time and needing to go personally to various offices (so needing a driver, because no license!), and no small amount of money. Undocumented immigrants aren't the problem - they're the scapegoat. We're doing all this as a response to fear. I totally understand the annoyance - but turning on people who already have it unmeasurably harder is not the answer. Pagans don't all share one common ideology, but we should at least know how to aim our energy.