Friday, May 3, 2013


Remember when I wrote about how I thought my house is making me sick? If you didn't catch that post you can find it here. Feel free to go on over and read that post so you are up to speed with what I'm about to write. Go on... I'll wait until you get back. All caught up?? OK, here we go...

Two weeks ago I found myself in the emergency room at our local hospital. Now, for those of you who know me other than just here in blog land, you know I have to be pretty damn close to dying before I go see a doctor, let alone visit the emergency room. This time I had no choice. On Tuesday I began to get sick, violently sick. Vomiting, diarrhea, headache so bad it was 100 times worse than the most painful migraine I've ever had. I spent all day Wednesday either in bed, or in the bathroom. I honestly couldn't stand up straight without the pain in my head knocking my knees out from under me. I wasn't any better by Thursday, so Tanya came and took me to the ER.

Now, I have to be honest here. I was very skeptical about going to this ER, I've heard nothing but BAD things about the hospital, the ER staff and the long unnecessary wait times patients have to go through (read 6 or 7 hours or longer at times). But, I was pleasantly surprised to find the triage staff took me right back to be admitted and were very thorough with their initial questions and exam. They sent me back out to the waiting room and imagine my shock when they called me back to an examination room a short 10 minutes later. I was in the exam room for about 15 minutes when the doctor came in and was very thorough in his questions and examination. Yes, I have now been *officially* diagnosed with Black Mold Poisoning. And need to move as soon as possible (he actually said within 30 days, but that's going to be difficult at best).

I've begun to show some more of the symptoms. I'm having difficulty breathing, I've found new muscle aches and the brain fog is just crazy. I have lost track of what I was doing or saying to the point I can't get it back and that throws me into a panic attack. I still have the runny nose which has gone from being a tissue issue to a paper towel issue. I can't even wash the damn dishes without stopping multiple times to catch crap running outta my nose. It is honestly like someone turned on a faucet... I am NOT joking. And then there's the coughing... don't even get me started there. Too many issues from coughing to write about. *sigh*

Because of all the issues I'm having, I contacted Ashford and have taken a 2 week break from classes. I cannot begin to describe to you how difficult it was to concentrate enough to get through my last 2 weeks of the class I was taking. My attention span was zero, and the headaches are unbearable at times. I contacted my academic advisor and she and I worked out a plan to give me a short break without running the risk of being dropped from enrollment. And when I do go back on the 14th, I will be completing the 5 classes required for the elective program before I go into the pre algebra and algebra classes. Thankfully those won't begin until the first week in November...

We are diligently searching for a place to move. If the rent works for our budget, the space does not or they won't accept pets (I've even offered to pay a nonrefundable pet deposit). I won't give up our furbabies. Mystik is 10 years old now and has begun to show signs of aging. She is as much a part of our family and Jimmy's sanity as breathing is. Then Chaos and Calliope not only help to keep me grounded they honestly *know* when I'm not feeling well and make sure Mommy has a fair amount of cuddles and snuggles.

We wanted and had actually planned to take a couple short road trips over the past 2 or so weeks. But with being sick, Jimmy's wheels turning at an unbelievable rate so he's actually racking up some pretty decent miles each week, and the task of searching for a place to move, we have had to put them on the back burner. For now, we have pretty much decided to postpone any trips until further notice. Now this doesn't mean we won't be spontaneous and jump in the truck one morning, it just means no definite plans... for now.

Welp, there you have the readers digest version of what's been happening here in the Sand Hills. If you don't see me posting here as often as I have been, this will help to give you an explanation what is keeping me from blogging. I've also found I'm not as active on Facebook as I used to be. I haven't lost interest in blogging or FB, I just literally have NO energy to sit at the computer for an extended time. I still love you all and miss you bunches, so I'm hoping you will stick around til I can get back to *normal*. Well..... normal for me at any rate, LOL!!


  1. this might explain why you've been feeling so bad for so long. I remember you started having problems last October... think this is related?

  2. Yes, definitely related. The Dr I saw says it takes weeks to begin to show symptoms. When I told him about the spots on the ceiling and what the plumbers found when they replaced the hot water heater he was convinced. Then after tests and examination he confirmed his diagnosis.

  3. Wow, I'm so sorry Vickie. Seriously, fuck your land lord for not taking this shit seriously. I hope after you guys move out, they condemn the place.

    I hope the right place finds you guys soon so your health can bounce back and you all can resume life as usual. *hugs*

  4. OMG!! Black mold, yeuck. I sure hope you can find a new place fast, darlin.
    That stuff is nasty!

  5. Thanks Danni! The doctor called the Health Dept so I'm waiting on an inspection. I honestly do not know if the landlord even has occupancy status. I can't find anything in the tax records. He may be in more trouble than just black mold if he's been renting without permits.

    We've got a lead on something that's gonna be perfect, but it's going through eviction right now. I'm hoping to know more the first of next week.

  6. Thanks Leeanna!! Yeah, it's more than nasty... you should see the walls of my house where the roof is leaking. I have black/dark brown streaks from the ceiling to the floor that I wipe down daily with bleach.

  7. Have you contacted your local health department? They may be able to help you. At the very least they can help get the house condemned.

  8. Given how ill you are, I'm surprised that the health dept is taking so long to get out there. If it is black mold, you are going to have to be very careful what you take out of the house (don't want the mold going with you). If it's bad enough, you may not be able to take much of anything. In which case, that landlord of yours needs to pony up a few thousands!!

  9. Hoping you can get out that house quickly and don't look back. Very dangerous stuff.

  10. Yep, the doctor in the ER has called them. Waiting...waiting, WAITING!