Monday, June 3, 2013


Let me begin by saying up front that I absolutely despise moving. The sorting, the packing, the carting the boxes to the new house and then the dreaded unpacking and trying to find a place for everything. But we did it ... again, *sigh.

We picked up the keys on Friday May 24th and began the process of transferring all the utilities and getting everything in place to move this past weekend when Jimmy had asked for time off. Because I had worked myself into an anxiety attack by Thursday morning, I told Jimmy he was in charge and I was just gonna sit back and do what he asked me to. For anyone of you who know me, this was a huge, HUGE challenge for me to say, let alone actually do. Yeah, I will admit it, I am a control freak, I MUST control each and every situation I orchestrate or I cannot function. Not the past 5 days... I gave over complete control of my life and immediate surroundings to another person and just rolled with it. And it worked...

Thursday afternoon our furniture was supposed to be moved, as the day got later, I got a bit worried. So I called to check to see if we were still on schedule. They had forgotten about us... but sent a truck out to load our furniture, everything except our bed. Jimmy is waiting at the new house for the appliance delivery... which  never came. at. ALL! So, I'm on the phone trying to find the stove and refrigerator, the movers come to load up our furniture, they get it to the new house and the sofa won't fit in through the entry...neither the front OR the back. All the ceilings in the new place are vaulted... except the entry ways... they are low enough I can stand on tip toe and touch them with my fingers.

The confusion with the appliances is cleared up and they will be delivered on Friday between 1 & 3. At 10 AM on Friday morning, Jimmy & I go off to find new living room furniture, and we decide on a small sectional with a chaise on one end and a coordinating chair and ottoman. We get this delivery scheduled between 12 and 4. Things are looking good so far. All the deliveries are made during the window we have been given and I am not only relieved, I am over the moon. Finally things are falling into place and we can take a deep breath and relax.

Saturday morning comes and Jimmy says we are going room by room beginning in the master bedroom. OK, I say let's do this. By the end of the day of Saturday we have moved more than 85% of our stuff, set up the bed in the new house so we aren't sleeping on the floor, unpacked a few of the boxes and it's time for showers and my first soak in the new DEEP tub... ahhhhh, I have found heaven in a bath tub, LOL!!

Sunday we go back over to the old place, and it takes 3 more loads in our Ascender (SUV) and Tanya loads her pickup with the things from our outside storage shed. We are finished by 3PM and I've completely had more than I want to relive ever again. By finished I mean FINISHED! All moved out, picked up and cleaned. I am DONE with that moldy hell pit.

I'm slowly putting things together, the altar area is a work in progress, the master bath has not been touched and the living room is the only space I can say looks like someone actually lives here. Tomorrow I'll probably work on Jimmy's side of the master bath since he has lots less than I do, LOL! After I get the house somewhat put together I'll post some pictures so you can see what our new place looks like.

OH! That thing up there where I gave over control to someone else? Well, don't get used to seeing it happen, just sayin...