Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Thinking Bout Things Tuesday

It's been so crazy hectic busy here in the Sand Hills and I haven't had time or energy to sit down and actually do any serious blogging. I still don't, but there are a few things on my mind and I'm in the mood to share. If you find these items are tiresome, that's OK. Just stop reading, you won't hurt my feelings at all...

1. In my post from last night, I let you all know we have finally moved out of the death trap with all the black mold and the health issues I was having. I can happily report I haven't had to buy stock in a paper towel company because my nose has stopped running. I think I'm more excited about this than some of the other improvements to my health. I cannot explain fully enough how much my nose was running and how irritated I was by the non-stop constant water faucet that was more commonly known as my nose.

Along with this particular improvement, there are a few more: I no longer have the constant headache, nor am I wheezing. The muscle aches are almost gone as well and so is the never-ending cough. I believe I am on the mend. YAY! It's about damn time. Being sick for over six months is NO fun at all.

2. The new neighborhood is QUIET! No small annoying dogs yapping uncontrollably each time I step outside. I can enjoy my yard and deck without the nosy neighbors breaking their necks to see what I am doing. I swear while we were loading the truck on Saturday they found any excuse to be at the fence line between our yard and theirs to see what the hell we were doing. ( Between you and me, I'm actually waiting to see if they will follow me home from the grocery one of these days just to see where we moved. They ARE that nosy!)

The streets in this neighborhood are actually paved and even. No climbing an unstable dirt road hill to find even pavement to walk on. All I gotta do is walk out my driveway. I plan to begin walking around the neighborhood in the evenings before it gets dark, just after sunset when the temperatures have cooled a bit. Right now it's not too hot, but those hot southern nights are just around the corner. There are a lot of families here, children riding bikes and playing catch in the streets. Kinda like Wabash Street where my kids grew up in Arizona.

3. I did not bring any of my plants with me to the new house. I know I said I was going to and that was my intention. I made the difficult decision not to cause I was worried about how they would survive being transplanted at this time of the year. I'm just going to start over and use pots so IF we move again I can just grab the posts and off we go.

Since moving in here I have discovered there is a good sized gardenia bush on the front of the house which faces east, and it's getting ready to bloom. It is a different species than the one I left behind, so I'm looking forward to seeing the blooms. I also am now the caretaker of 3 rose bushes. One is a knockout blush colored and the other two are red and a coral color. The red and coral are planted too close together and too close to the knockout so I need to move them.. later... in the fall.

4. According to NC Child Support, Jimmy's child support arrears will be paid off in about 6 weeks, which will give us a substantial amount to add to the savings account. However, Vermont has a different amount, and I can't get any straight answers as to WHICH amount is the correct one. Before you even ask, YES I am authorized to speak on Jimmy's behalf since he is on the road and rarely has the chance to talk to anyone about business matters. If the correct amount is what Vermont is showing it will be 12 weeks before it is completely paid.

I swear I am SO over dealing with more than one child support agency. Even when he was still living, working and paying child support in Vermont their figures never stacked up. One month he was showing he was in arrears so they take his tax return, then the next 4 months they show him overpaid. Then in arrears the next month. Even though his payments are coming directly from his pay before he even sees that check, he still managed to get behind. Oh well, the good thing is he's almost finished. Wanna know the sad thing? He hasn't seen his kids since they were about Ravyn's age and he has court ordered visitation that the ex-wife has refused to acknowledge. Those girls are now adults over 21...BOTH of them.

5. A few weeks ago I blogged about the way some people seem to think they have the market cornered on being a spiritual person. If you didn't see that entry go on over and check it out. I am pretty sure one of the people I had in mind has removed themselves from the Blog O Sphere. Ya see, for some reason, they always ended up in my reader and no matter how many times I hit that damn unfollow button, there they were. For the past week or so, I've been pest free. And the FB profile is locked down tighter than Ft. Knox.

I believe this is a good thing. This person was always trying to convince the people who read their blog what a great and upstanding Christian they were/are. Unfortunately, they were so full of contradictions it began to be repetitive every time they posted a blog it was the same exact thing. Talk about boring... Anyway, it's possible they finally caught a clue and figured out no one wanted to read what they had to say and just stopped posting altogether. Or, I guess they also could have created a blog and only allow a person to read it by invitation. That's OK too cause that means they won't show up randomly in any of the blogs I read and follow.


  1. I am so glad you are finally in a safe and (physically and mentally) environment!!! That is absolutely vital!!! It stinks you had to leave your plants behind but maybe that is a good thing. The negative outside environment may have just traveled with you.

    I hear your frustration on the child support issue. My husband was never in arrears but the state of IL was ALWAYS late sending checks so, she would call SCREAMING at him and then call his WORK to scream at THEM. Absolute insanity. He paid child support on all 3 of his children until the youngest turned 18 (and had been living with us for almost 2 years). How awful that he has not been able to see them. As a single mother, I had no intention of denying my son's father the right to see him. He made the choice to leave the state and make no contact until my boy was 13. At that point, I STILL considered the thought. I gave him a simple test of how serious he was about seeing him and he proved what I had known all along. I have always told my son that if he decides he wants to know his father, I will help him find him. My goal has always been the best interest of my son and not getting back at his father (despite the fact that he was abusive). Hang in there! The end is almost here! :-)

    Much love & hugs,

    Jennifer R.(Ambergine)

  2. I'm happy you are feeling much healthier! Sounds like your new place is perfect for your needs. :)

  3. I'm happy you are finding so many nice things about your new neighborhood. Nice surprises!

    As far as the young women are concerned, they are adults. He doesn't have to go through their mother to contact them.