Monday, August 19, 2013

Moon Day Meanderings...

Here we are at another Moon Day with so many things running around in my mind. Some I'll share, others I won't simply because I have decided to limit the information I am putting out into the inter-webs. Before you get all hoity toity and want to know why now, what has happened to cause me to change up the way I do things, I'll give you a reader's digest explanation. Simply put, there are those individuals who are not privy to my life any longer and they have no business reading or knowing anything at all about me and how my life is going. This is how I feel *today*, who knows what tomorrow will bring ... I may go back to being the unfiltered, uncensored, loud mouth Bitch you have all come to love (or hate, which ever the case may be).

There is SO much going on in our little corner of the world, most of it is great, while a tiny portion I could do without. But since everyone I know has the same process going on in their life as well, I really have no room to complain about it. I will say, the trials I'm going through *now* will only make me stronger and more powerful for the next time. Thankfully, I learn from my experiences whether they be good or bad and tuck that learning into the back of my mind so I can pull it out and flex that power when needed.

The weekend was a bit strange to say the least. It was the first weekend of *agreed upon, legal, papers to prove it* visitation for the Witchling to spend the weekend at her father's house. Before I go any farther, I will tell you all and this is no secret so I don't care who reads this... I do NOT like the dad, At. All. In my opinion, he's a worthless piece of humanity who is taking up valuable oxygen that someone else could be using. The world in its entirety would be a much better place without him in it. He lies so much he can't keep straight what he has told to who and when you call him on it he tries to turn things around to make you out as the guilty party. He plays the system, is an expert at it ... and doesn't get caught. He was injured at work in 2011, was off the entire year of 2012, received a Worker's Compensation settlement for the injury that didn't prohibit him from riding the quads with his Dad, or doing anything else other than WORKING. Everything is gotta be about *me* and if it's not he throws a temper tantrum worthy of a 2 year old. I. Am. NOT. Joking. He will not EVER take responsibility for any of his actions, always blaming everyone else. And just so ya's know... it's all my fault my daughter moved out of his house and filed for custody. I only WISH I was that powerful and had that much control over her, if I did, she wouldn't have married the sorry bastard in the first place.

Okay, on to happier parts of the weekend... it was payday weekend and after paying the bills that were scheduled we still had money left over in the bank. WOOT! First time that has happened in a while. Our Friday night began with steaks on the grill with baked potatoes and corn on the cob. After cleaning up the few dirty dishes ( I LOVE our grill, we cook almost everything on it!), Jimmy and I ordered Les Miserables (yes, I know I'm way behind the times...sorry) on Demand, sat back with a glass of wine (Duplin's Black River Red) for me and a SoCo and Coke for him, and thoroughly enjoyed our time together (Witchling had already been picked up for her weekend at her dad's, and Tanya was still at work).

Saturday we piddled around the house for most of the morning and finally decided to get motivated. We had planned to go to the beach, but it was raining and was supposed to all weekend, so we changed things up and went out to lunch. After lunch, we did some shopping at Pier 1 and BJ's, with a short trip to Michael's looking for some black candles. Since Samhain is right around the corner, most paces are beginning to put out their decorations, alas... no black candles were found, yet. From there it was off to see my tattoo artist where I got one of the pieces I've been saving my pennies for. I'll post pictures after some of the redness goes away. Someone else I know began having work done on a gorgeous piece, but I can't talk about that yet. Again, pictures will follow at a later date.

Sunday, Jimmy goes back on the road, this time to North Little Rock and Tanya and I spend a nice quiet day just doing a whole lotta nothing. In reality we BOTH did an enormous amount of cleaning and sorting (Tanya did more, she finally unpacked the rest of the boxes in her room) and I took some time to go through my altar and remove some things that no longer resonate with me. These were things I've collected in the last year or so, and at the time I thought I was supposed to have them. Fortunately, after some grounding and refocusing my intent, I found these items were actually holding me back. I gathered them up and tossed them into the trash that was picked up this morning. After cleaning out the negativity, I smudged the entire house and burned some of the incense (my FAVORITE scent, Isis) I found on the trip to the beach with Amanda a couple weeks ago.

The Witchling came home at the agreed upon time this morning and it's been a strange day. She's been overly quiet, and hasn't wanted to eat much. She's colored and watch Bubble Guppies and Paw Patrol, but that's about all. She took a short nap and woke up SCREAMING after being asleep only about 10 minutes. After hugging and rocking her, she went back to sleep and woke up on her own about 30 minutes later. She looks extremely tired and just not her *normal* self. I know this is a huge change and shock for her, I'm just hoping there isn't something else going on...

Tomorrow starts week 5 of Environmental Policies. I already have my research paper finished and ready to be submitted, and there is only one discussion question for the week. Next Tuesday the 27th, I begin Intro to Politics, another class for the second minor I've chosen. I've ordered the textbook (have I told you lately how much I LOVE Amazon? I have been able to purchase my textbooks for less than a third of what they are listed in the college bookstore) and it should arrive this week. My classes are so much more interesting now that I've gotten into the actual degree courses. I've also found another place I want to check into for some classes in  Mind Body Transformational Psychology, with an emphasis on Holistic Nutrition & Urban Farming, and a concentration on Spiritual Studies.

I've also found myself obsessing over Deity, I work well with a few Goddesses and Gods but have not ever been able to say I'm a child of or a daughter of ________. Each person is different and unique in the way they walk with their chosen Deity, some say you can't be chosen by this one because she requires a lot of physical activity, others say this one won't work for you if you don't actually see a sign, a physical sign from them. Well, after much deep personal soul searching and cries to the heavens, I'm here to shout ... No one has the right to tell anyone who or how they can be spiritually led. Each Goddess or God shows themselves to an individual in many different manners and just because you work with a specific Deity in your manner does not mean I or anyone else will work that way as well. Again, this is part of the *I should have known better* place that I was lost in for a while. Many different people who I face to face know and respect tried to tell me I was going about things wrong. I just needed to open my heart and mind and LISTEN. Once I did this, I had no problem figuring out where I'm supposed to be walking. And again, I'm not in the sharing mood on this one yet, so ya'll's just gonna need to sit tight till I decide I want to tell you what and who I've been attached to.

I think that's enough rambling for this Moon Day, there is more I could share, and I'll probably be back later in the week to bore you again. Until then I leave you with: