Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cleaning the Blogs or Making Sure I'm not Caught by the Copyright Police

I went through every blog I've written to make sure I gave attribution where it was needed and removed those things I could not find either the artist or author for. I do not want to be the next victim of the self imposed copyright/plagiarism police.

Seriously, this is just ridiculous... get a job, get a hobby or get laid.


  1. I think going through our blogs is a good thing. None of us was born (or started this blogging thing) super savvy. I'm sure I have my violations for images somewhere. I will go revise all my posts (almost 1,000 damn!) and make sure all is well.

    Then I'll get laid ;-D

  2. Magaly my Love!! You are more than welcome to go through your 1,000 posts. I thought I had it bad with just under 500, LOL!! Tell the piano man hello for me, but please do so either before or after you get laid, LOL!!!

  3. I have no desire to go through my old posts... I will have to hope there is nothing in their that someone could complain about... oh well :)

  4. After seeing a comment someone left on an FB page where a link to your blog was posted, I definitely believe I now have all the answers I'll ever need about this whole fiasco.

    The smug self-righteousness is nauseating, to say the least.

  5. Launna, it is dumbfounding that anyone has the time to dig through a gazillion posts on Facebook or the blogging world and then take it upon themselves to either report them to the author/artist or make demands themselves for the item to be removed.

    And I'm pretty sure you aren't going to be targeted by this nonsense, just those of us who do not drink the kool-aid any longer.

  6. Hi Annette,

    You say a link to my blog was left on a specific page? Hmm, that is very interesting. Would you be willing to email the name of the page to me? I'd be happy to see who is sharing my work.