Monday, January 20, 2014

It's Monday!!


Over this past weekend I was pretty much unplugged from everything internet related. Jimmy was home and we spent a relaxing, but busy day on Saturday doing things that needed to be accomplished before he went back out on Sunday. There have been some major changes for him and I am more than excited about what is happening.

He's been working for Taylor Express just shy of 2 years (2 years on March 5th) and he has already been awarded Safe Driver of the year, been given a new truck to drive and then on Friday when he got back to the yard, he was approached and asked to consider becoming a trainer for the company. This would mean he'd have more responsibility, have someone driving with him more often than not AND he'd get a raise. He came home and we talked about it, I had a couple questions I wanted answers to before I agreed to changes, and he went back to the office Saturday morning to discuss the offer in more detail. Once he had the answers to the questions that we had discussed, he accepted the *promotion* and I am happy to say he will officially become a trainer for new hires beginning this week. Probably on Thursday.

This means he's getting another new truck, (no seriously! This is a NEW Freightliner truck with the plastic coverings still on the seats and bunks) one with double bunks instead of single one. And he's more than likely going to be dispatched on a more regular basis, he was told they have over 100 new hires that need training and there were only 3 trainers to cycle them all into their own rigs. This is HUGE!! There are other drivers who have been with the company much longer than Jimmy who weren't even considered for the position. To know the company you work for has the confidence in you and your performance when you haven't been there for two years yet is just beyond awesome!

I am SO proud of my husband!!!