Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tonight's Black Moon ...


... means I'll be making some necessary changes to the things in my life that no longer benefit my future. I'll be cleaning the friends list on Facebook for the monthly cleansing, the blogroll will find those that haven't posted in a while being removed, AND I'll be doing a deep spiritual cleansing to remove the excess negative energy that seems to have attached itself to me once again. Tomorrow when I wake, I'm looking forward to a brighter day, an existence filled with positivity and friends who I know I can trust with my life. Because that is what I've given them... my life. Now having said this, here is the beginning of the weeding, the culling of the chaff from the wheat.

I am not easily intimidated and this last go-round of negative energy will end up hurting others more than it will me. Unfortunately, those that have spoken negatively against me and mine are beginning to experience the fallout from their actions. They are becoming more and more accusatory, more paranoid, just more... they have begun to feel the consequences of the return to sender spells so many of us have put in place to deflect their actions. It doesn't matter if the words they speak or the spells they cast have little or everything to do with me, mine and our tightly knit closed circle. Protection spells work that way, especially when there is an entire community casting the protection magic. And when more than one person *sees* the same outcome before ever discussing it, you KNOW there is truth in that vision.

Since a big deal has been made of my blog post from yesterday where others think I've been stalking their Facebook pages for material to blog about, I'd like to set the record straight. But then again, this is one of those things where I could proclaim anything I want and since the almighty's have already made up their minds, my words are inconsequential. But for those of you who may find yourself in the middle of their latest uproar. Here's the TRUTH of where I got my material for said post and what I do.

Fact: I do NOT stalk or otherwise visit anyone's Facebook page or Blog. They have nothing I'm interested in knowing about. I do NOT use their information for *blogging material*. As a matter of fact, I believed I had blocked all of them so I couldn't see what they post on Facebook, unfortunately, I found out today there has been a glitch with Facebook and many people are seeing where those they had blocked are now once again visible. Not to worry, you have been BLOCKED once again... I'll just make sure I'm more diligent in checking that block list more frequently. You can block me as many times as you choose, unfortunately, as long as we have friends in common you will still see some of the things I post, as I will with yours. You are supposed to be an adult ... Deal with it.

Fact: I have quite a few friends in common with many people I have removed from my Facebook friends list. Some of these common friends feel it is important to keep me up to date on what is happening, being said on Facebook or written in a blog about something I or others in my tribe may be doing in our life. Since sending a PM (private message) to these friends in common, most of the unsolicited advice has stopped. There have been a few who still do it and when they refuse to stop after I've asked once again, they are removed from my friends list. This happened as recently as this morning after I was sent the comments regarding my blog from yesterday.

Fact: I READ!! The newspaper, articles on the internet, BOOKS (gasp!), and even the shit that comes across my Facebook news feed as stupid as some of it is. And I watch TV, even though some of the shows could be considered questionable. I make my own decisions and write about what I FEEL.

Here are a couple more things you may or may not know about me:

Since August 2013, I have made many changes in my life which have turned out positive and productive. I'm too busy with the everyday mundane world to worry about what people are saying or thinking about me. And to be more than honest, I DON'T care what others have to say about me. I'm not in this world to win a popularity contest. I've always been a Bitch and I will be until the day I die. If you can't handle the truth and not just what you perceive to be the truth, you should just walk away now.

This morning in the same message I received giving me the details of how my blog upset so many people, I was called a snake.  Evidently, the person who made this comment didn't know about the snake's power. I used to have a deep fear of snakes and serpents. However, I've been able to work through that fear and have recently found that Snake is one of my totems. Things are ever changing with me and as I work more closely with my Gods/Goddesses, the world as I know it changes as well. My spiritual journey is just that ... a JOURNEY. I don't look for the end of the road, I'm ever searching, ever thirsting and refuse to let myself become stagnant or complacent.

OH! By the way, YOU are the ones with the stalking problems. If you hadn't read my blog you wouldn't felt the need to point out your insecurities and YOUR penchant for keeping up with me and my life. SNAP!