Friday, February 28, 2014

Feisty Fridays


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ? Maya Angelou

Do you love yourself unconditionally?

Unconditional love is the most sought after kind of love known to mankind. Each person wants to be loved without worrying about if they are doing something right or wrong. It's simple to have the unconditional love of a small child, or even your pet. But what about your partner or spouse? Do you love them unconditionally? I believe before you can love anyone with any depth of true feeling you will need to find how to love yourself without condition.

But exactly how do you learn to love yourself without conditions or doubts? You have to learn to respect yourself.  If you cannot respect yourself, you find yourself being drawn into power struggles with others who don't care about your well-being. Lack of self-respect also allows you to keep from reaching your full potential. To fully respect yourself, you should be able to apply to yourself the same things you would to a friend or coworker. Do you find that you are insulting yourself? You wouldn't do this to a friend so why are you accepting this type of behavior in your life? Be honest with yourself. Stand strong in your convictions and don't let anyone make you second guess your opinions.

Did you know that there are a lot of people who believe self-love is being selfish? It's true. However, if you don't love yourself then you are being selfish simply because you are keeping the best part of you away from those around you. Loving yourself helps you to realize you are important, and the things you say and feel are not only valid, they also have meaning.  When you are able to realize that you love yourself, you will understand how important this is to every aspect of your daily walk of life. Loving yourself is essential to your well-being, your ability to be creative, your inner power and the belief that you can not only create but also enjoy each step of your life.

Besides, until you know how to love yourself and can admit to loving yourself, you are going to have a war going on inside you. This will make mockery of your energy and stop you from gaining the happiness you are working towards. If you don’t love yourself, you will constantly have doubts about everything you do, every decision you make and every step you take in any direction. The Law of Attraction tells us like attracts like, so if you lack self-love, you open yourself up to people and situations that mirror the negativity you believe in. In order to surround yourself with those who love you, you must first figure out how to love yourself.