Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday's Twists & Turns with the Witchling


Writing this blog gives me the chance to help keep those we don't have daily contact with up to date on what is happening in our world here in North Carolina. With friends and family spread all across the United States, and really not liking to talk on the telephone, everyone knows they can keep up here. Now that the Witchling is getting older, is able to show her personality both by expressions as well as being very verbal, Tanya & I thought it would be interesting (to say the least) to post some of the things our little Witch in training says and does ... and again I promise you will not hurt my feelings if you find the things I write about boring or a waste of your time. Please remember I write for me and I'm not here to try to please anyone other than myself.

Every so often the Witchling is home when it's time to either go pick Jimmy up after he's been away for a while or to take him back to his truck to once again get those wheels turning. She loves to go get him but doesn't like dropping him off at all. A few weeks ago, right after Jimmy was promoted to Driver Trainer and assigned a new truck we all went to pick up Papa. She knows where he works, which way to turn to go get him and knows exactly which yard his truck is supposed to be parked in. All the trucks look the same to her but Papa's is somehow more easily recognizable to her. When I asked her how she knew which truck was Papa's, she quickly answered "my Papa drives a big ass truck". Then she let us know "I'm gonna drive a big ass truck too. Not black. Pink". Here's Papa's *big ass truck*: