Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday's Twists & Turns


Today begins week five of Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness. This class has not been anything close to what I was hoping. I keep telling myself, "just do the work, get the degree and then the real education will begin out in the real world". Sometimes this is more difficult than you might imagine. I set a goal, I've completed most of the steps, and now with one year left, I'm bored out of my mind. I used to enjoy engaging in the discussions and even writing the papers... not anymore. I understand this is all "book learning" but one would think an instructor would have some sort of experience in the field they are teaching. More and more I'm finding the instructors I have don't actually have any real-world experience, they have no idea about the diversity in different cultures, only what they have read in the program they just completed. *sigh*

Here in Hope Mills, it's beginning to warm up. I've seen some of the Dogwood trees budding with beautiful pink or white flowers, the grass is beginning to peek up in our yard and the birds are making nests in the trees surrounding the yard. This year I am really looking forward to Spring and warmer weather. I promise I won't complain about the heat and humidity when it arrives in the summer. This winter we just went through really took a heavy toll on me. I know many people had it more difficult than I did and I feel for them. I am a Desert Rat at heart and seasonal depression is not something you hear much about living where the sun shines 350 days each year.

I've also found I'm not spending as much time online or plugged in as I had been. I still check in with Facebook each morning while I'm having the coffee, it just doesn't have the magnetism anymore. I don't play any of the games, not even Farmville (that just got too overwhelming with a new farm every 3 or 4 months) any longer. The only thing I spend any significant amount of time doing online is my classwork. I interact with more people through text message and actual telephone conversations. I'm spending much more time on crafting things. Nothing to put in the Etsy store, but for personal use. I love making things for family and friends. The BoS is an ongoing project, I've almost completed the pages for Ostara, then I'll begin working on Beltane. In between all this activity, I am also making a new herbal encyclopedia. I have a 4-inch binder and have divided it alphabetically, then for each herb, I'm including both it's medical and magical properties along with some of the spells implementing a particular herb as the main ingredient.

To be honest, I'm enjoying the more quiet side of Vickie for a change...