Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday's Twists & Turns with the Witchling

It's been a busy weekend around Chateau L'Esperance. Jimmy was able to come home early Saturday morning and didn't leave home again until 2:00 this afternoon. We managed to get quite a lot done, including rescuing some rose bushes from the almost compost pile at Lowe's on Saturday. Our garden is growing, but more on that later...

The Witchling came home yesterday morning after spending the weekend at her dad's house. I have NO idea how she knew her Papa was home, but she came right to our bedroom door and knocked. Of course, Papa got up and the day was on. Sunday we had put up her swimming pool and sandbox, so there were new things Papa wanted to share with her. Sometimes I think he's more excited and impatient than she is, LOL!! At any rate, I did manage to get him to let her eat breakfast and get dressed before they went outside.

The first thing he showed her was the pool. It's not a big one, just enough the three of us adults can get in and play with her. She walked all around it and trailed her hand in the water. After a few minutes, she decided it was too cold to try to go swimming. Good thing too cause it was rather chilly. Once she got back to where she began walking around the pool, she splashed Papa and took off running, just laughing like nobodies business.

Then Papa took her over to her *playground* (it's what she calls her swing set) and showed her the brown plastic thing sitting next to the bouncy house (mini trampoline attached to the swing set). She was not too excited about that, in fact, tried to get him to go back to the pool. Finally, he took the top off and inside were new sand toys along with some of the ones she had gotten earlier in the season, but hadn't taken outside yet. She turned around to him and with a HUGE grin said *Oh, thank you, Papa! I love my sandbox*. This, of course, made Papa's awesome leak... I think they played in that sandbox for most of the day. Stopping only for lunch and falling asleep on Papa's lap watching WallyKazam.

Miss Witchling also has her own idea of fashion sense... already. Even though she is somewhat allowed to pick out her clothes and shoes when we go to buy them does not guarantee she will ever wear what she chose at the store. A few weeks ago, Tanya bought them matching tennis shoes, because that's what the Witchling wanted. OK, cool... Um, no. Every time we tried to put them on her she threw a screaming fit and would not wear them for anything. Until yesterday... Papa tells her she must wear tennis shoes to go outside and play on her playground. She walked into her room, opened her new toy box (where her shoes are living at the moment) and took out the pair that we had been trying to get her to wear for the better part of a month. Because they had strings like Papa's shoes...