Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday's Twists & Turns with the Witchling

Here in the Lesperance/Chandler/Foster house things can get pretty intense with an almost 3 year old who would have everyone believe she is actually at least 30. Sometimes she says things that stun us into silence and other times she's got us laughing so hard we are crying and finding it difficult to breathe. Recently we had a few days of the laughing so hard we were crying at almost everything that popped outta that child's mouth.

At almost 3 she is a very independent little Miss. She knows what she wants, when she wants it and there is usually no getting around her once the mind has been made up. As an independent Miss, she's also working somewhat diligently to be potty trained. I will admit some days are better than others, and other days she wants nothing to do with the bathroom/toilet/or her potty at all. So, some days we wear regular big girl panties and others we wear Dora pull ups.

She also has learned to dress herself (well, for the most part anyway, some days she needs help) and do not ever try to put something on her that has a tag sewn inside it. She screams to high heaven until you get the scissors out and cut that offensive sucker out of what ever she wants to wear. We have taken to leaving a pair of scissors way up high on the very top of her chest of drawers in order to avert a crisis.

The other day we were having a Dora day and she was trying to get herself dressed. The pants she insisted on wearing were a little snug (they were an 18 month and she's wearing 24 mos or 2T), so when she pulled her pants up over the Dora's she started dancing around and hollering like she had been lit on fire. I couldn't figure out what the problem was, so I took her pants off and tried to take the Dora's off too. She informed me right quick to stop it! Her "butt was hanging around".

Now, I had NO idea what this child was talking about, she wouldn't hold still so I could see if something was poking her, or if the elastic was too tight. Finally she turned around, laid across her bed and said "see Abi, my butt is hanging around" ... lo and behold the child had a wedgie and her Dora's were creeping up her butt. Poor baby! Any way, we got that crisis averted and now every time she's wearing her Dora's we have to make sure her "butt's not hanging around".