Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday's Twists & Turns with the Witchling


Have ya'll ever watched television with an almost 3 year old?? I mean recently. When the telly is on in the main part of the house, the Witchling is in control (to a point), she decides which shows we are going to watch and please don't ever let her favorite (at the moment) to not be on or coming on soon. Here we watch mostly shows on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. She has her favorites and those she will not watch no matter what.

We've been watching Tickety Tock, Dino Dan (I couldn't believe when she pronounced Velociraptor correctly), PAW Patrol, Little Bear and her favorite... Peppa Pig! Have you seen Peppa Pig?? No? Well, you NEED to watch this show. Jimmy likens it to a low budget film, but even though the graphics are simple, the Witchling is immovable when Peppa comes on.

The show is British (OK, the accents are British) and it teaches manners and sharing while still having fun doing it. Since she's been watching, she's more often said please and thank you for anything she asks for and has adapted a little British inflection into her voice. I tried to get her on video but that didn't work. Just imagine a little one going around saying things like *may I help you feed the dogs, plu eese*, or *Mummy can I have something to eat, plu eese*, and the first time she asked for a biscuit I had NO idea she actually meant a cookie.

I LOVE this show and I think more children should watch it! And as for the little accent?? She's a southern girl with a twang, but after Peppa Pig, she's a darling southern girl with a British tone and I couldn't be more proud of the diversity she has shown.



  1. Vickie LesperanceApril 8, 2014 at 7:11 AM

    I wish you could hear her! I tried to get a video of her speaking and she kept telling me NO Abi!!

  2. But Tia wants to see!