Saturday, May 24, 2014

Epiphanies ~ Chapter Four

This is a rather long and boring story. It's personal and maybe TMI for some. Yes, I've published it, there are a couple people who need to see this. And I also realize there are those people who read my blog, even though they swear they don't because I am nothing to them, who are going to have a good laugh over this post and a what the hell is she thinking. To those few I have this to say. Go fuck yourself!

Chapter Four

I know some of you are scratching your head wondering why I chose to include the emails from Sonya in Chapter Three. Simply put, I wanted you to see the pattern of craziness these people exhibit and why I am more than thankful we no longer live in Arizona.

Fast forward to April 2nd of this year. In the mail at Ed's house comes a notice for Jimmy for a certified, return signature letter. Remember now, we lived there for almost a year and never changed our address from there, so it was the address of record for him. Luckily Jimmy is in the area getting loaded before he has to go back up to DeKalb, IL. and I go get him so he can get to the post office to pick it up. It is a large manila envelope and when I opened it (he was driving) inside are papers where Brenda has filed for divorce in AZ.

Two weeks later there is a process server show up at Ed's house and he's looking for Jimmy. Now we know it can't be anything serious because if it was, they would not have left the papers with Ed to "get to Jimmy when he saw him". Ed calls Tanya in a panic and she goes to get the unsealed envelope. Yep, you guessed it, divorce papers...the SAME EXACT papers he had gotten in the mail and signed for. Only funny thing, I notice her last name on the documents is NOT Lesperance or even her maiden name of Fletcher. It's Bidlack. So I check the first one's we got and sure as shit the name on those is Bidlack too. I'm thinking something funny is going on here so I go snooping. Facebook is an amazing thing.

By now I think I've figured out what is going on. I found through my Facebook investigation that Brenda has remarried on October 6th, 2012. Well at least that what the status update says.

On April 30, 2014 I get a message in my *other* inbox on FB asking for my mailing address. Seems someone had a disc of pictures of my Mother they want to send. I send off my address and about 10 days later give or take, on a SUNDAY a woman knocks on my door and asks for Jimmy. He's on the road, but I just say he isn't home. She hands me a unsealed manila envelope, and walks back to her car. I pull the papers out and lo and behold it's the THIRD set of divorce papers, EXACTLY the same as the other two sets. It took me a while to process the entire scenario but when I figured it out and asked some of my family members to see if they thought I had lost my mind, they have all assured me my findings were legitimate.

Jimmy never filed for divorce, we aren't legally married, and even though we have been together 13 years we don't have any plans at this time to get married. However, Brenda either already has gotten married (can we say pot meet kettle with the bigamy crap) or wants to get married. Either way, no one here cares. Evidently the certified letter return card didn't make it back to Arizona as quickly as they wanted, so the first process server went to Ed's house looking for Jimmy. When that didn't pan out and they didn't find Jimmy there, I was asked for my mailing address with the promise of memories of my mother. A process server shows up at MY address (Jimmy's mail does NOT come here) looking for Jimmy 10 days after I send off my mailing address... coincidence?? I don't think so.

And people ask me why I don't like some members of my family... this is a perfect example.