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Epiphanies ~ Chapter Three


This is a rather long and boring story. It's personal and maybe TMI for some. Yes, I've published it, there are a couple people who need to see this. And I also realize there are those people who read my blog, even though they swear they don't because I am nothing to them, who are going to have a good laugh over this post and a what the hell is she thinking. To those few I have this to say. Go fuck yourself!

Chapter Three

Fast forward to July 2006. We are living in MD, made a new life for ourselves have NO contact with anyone from the past except my children and Mother. Out of the clear blue I begin to get emails from someone calling herself Sonya Lesperance who is also claiming she is distantly related to Jimmy's family. So I asked his Mother if she knew anyone by that name and was told no. Following is a copy of the emails I got from Sonya Lesperance:

I saw your name on a forward from a friend of mine and I thought it was rather strange!!  I know a girl by the name of Brenda Lesperance that is married to a guy named Jimmy Lesperance, any relation to you?  The last I heard, she had met a guy and they have intentions of getting married, but she needs to get divorced first!  I thought maybe if you knew Jimmy, you could give me an address so that she can get divorced so that she can marry the love of her life!!  I thought maybe it was worth asking!!  If you are not related, then just disregard this message.  Thanks for your time!

I replied with:

Before I answer any of your questions, which I will gladly do, I would like to know a few things from you. Who was the friend who forwarded my name and email to you? I'd like to know who we have in common...Lesperance is not that common of a surname...are you married to one? and if so who?  If not, who are your parents, or who are you related to?Yes, maybe we are playing *cat & mouse* but since you are the one who initiated this contact, it only seems fair I get a little information in exchange for what you want.I will give you this much...yes I do know Jimmy.

And got this back:

My dad's name is David B Lesperance, he was from Iowa.  This girl named Brenda contacted me a while ago and we have been friends ever since.  When the e-mail was forwarded to me I just saw the last name and thought I would take a long shot that you may know Brenda's husband.  As you stated, the last name is not that common!!  Brenda has been in touch with me off and on now for a little over four years.  I promised her that I would do all that I could to help her find her husband, so that her and her boyfriend can get married legally.  They are a great couple and would like to make it all legal, but her still being legally married to Jimmy makes it impossible for her to do.  If you do not want to help, that is fine.  We will go about this another way, like I said before, I just thought it was worth a try.  I have not mentioned this to Brenda, when I send her any e-mails with your name on it I just cut and paste, so she will not get your name off my e-mails.

I replied with this:

OK...after taking time to think this all through I have come to this decision.  I still have many questions and you contacting me out of the blue has sent up a number of RED flags for me. Jimmy and Brenda have been separated for over 5 years, and during all that time she knew that she could contact him through his parents. So for her (or you) to now decide she needs an address in order to obtain her divorce, just bothers me ALOT. So, here is my way of helping you, it's not what you want, but it's all I'm willing to give. Brenda can file for divorce in AZ and use Jimmy's last known address, when there is no response, she gets her divorce by default. Tell her to use the address where they last lived together on Brown Rd. in Mesa, AZ. If this isn't good enough, she can send his divorce papers to his parents in Cabot, VT. She can also put an ad in the personals in the local newspaper, trying to contact him, when she has no response, she gets her divorce by default. I don't know how well you truly know Brenda, and if you have never met her in person...lucky you!  Yes, I know both of them.

Next came this:

I will be sure to pass this information on to Brenda, but I am sure that I already know her response.  It has been brought to our attention that Jimmy is already married and will be sure to get the information needed so that the proper autorities may process the information for her, as you and I both know, bigomy is still illegal.  Thank you for your time.

Once again from me:

In the first message you sent to me you sounded like a very intelligent individual.  Now however, you have completely changed my mind.I stated previously that you contacting me out of the blue sent up a lot of red flags, and your last email just confirmed my suspicions.  Remember I said Lesperance wasn't a common surname? Well, since I know the family, I asked about you...This has absolutely nothing to do with Brenda wanting a divorce from Jimmy, it's all about her need to continue to punish him because she is convinced he left her for someone else. If she wanted a divorce as badly as you stated so she could *marry the love of her life* she wouldn't need you or any one else to find Jimmy for her.  All she would need to do is hire an attorney, and he would know how to obtain the divorce.I would advise you to both be very careful how you proceed with your information regarding Jimmy being married to someone other than might just end up looking more foolish than you already do.  And if it comes down to bigamy charges, someone will have to produce the marriage license, and it won't be Jimmy.  On the other hand it might be interesting, to watch you flounder when you are asked for proof of your charges.Instead of you playing middle man, just give Brenda my contact information and she can ask me what ever it is she thinks she needs to know.

One more from Sonya:

Thank you for the laugh of the day, just remember the joke is on you!!!!!!!!!

My final reply, this time she did not respond and I figured it was all over:

Bring it on...I LOVE playing with unarmed people.  However, I think you might want to check your *facts* again before you do, I'd love to see it all turned around on you. Do you have a marriage license for Jimmy & the person who is supposed to be his new wife?  Or just someone's *assumption* that he is remarried? Hmmmm????  I know for a fact she has NEVER been introduced to ANYONE as his wife. Joke?? Honey, if you knew me at all, you would know I DO NOT make light about things like this.I tried to play nice with you, this is over.  Do not contact me again.

Yes, those messages ended, nothing else from Sonya ... but Brenda began emailing me in 2008, threatening me, saying crazy shit which made me think she had stopped taking the meds the doctor put her on for delusions MONTHS before Jimmy left her. BTW, I also found out Sonya is Brenda's BFF and they cooked this little scheme up between them. Sonya's name is Sonya Pelski.

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