Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday's Twists & Turns with the Witchling


I don't know where to begin. She has been from one end of the emotional spectrum to the next. One minute she's a happy little child, watching WallyKazam, holding her magic stick (wand), and the next she's screaming her little lungs out. This week it was over wearing underwear.

She's been doing much better with learning to use the toilet instead of having to wear pull-ups. She's only had 2 accidents that I can remember. BUT, she refuses to wear underwear of any kind. Including Dora's or big girl undies. She either wants to wear just her shorts or leggings with nothin under them, or nothin at all... I'm talking about bare ass nekkid! This is mostly OK for when she's in the house, but not good for going outside to play on her *playground* (swing-set) or to go to the store.

On Thursday, Papa was home and we went to the opening night of the Ft. Bragg Fair, which she LOVED! But getting her ready to go was a huge challenge. We did manage and were able to go after promising her there was a big Superprize (her word for surprise) waiting for her. Out the door we go, into her car seat and it MUST be Papa that buckles her in. Off we go, with her asking every few minutes where her big superprize is, and Mommy assuring her to just wait a few minutes and she will be SO happy.

We get to the fair and even before we've parked, her little eyes are shining bright and she has this great big smile on her face. (I didn't get pictures, I was in the front seat on a military base, so I dared not unbuckle, LOL). Park the car, get out her little stroller and buckle her into that, by now she's saying hurry Mommy, hurry Papa, hurry Abi ... and off we go, UP the hill and to the entrance gates.

The first thing we see when we get inside the gate is the carousel with the music just begging you to come ride. She did, with Papa. I probably don't have to tell you how happy and excited she was, but if you look at the picture, you can tell she's over the moon.  Once the first turn was finished it was  "again Papa, AGAIN"! And they rode again... LOL!!

It took a few minutes after the second go-round of the carousel to convince her there were other things she could do and she needed to let go that pony so we could go explore. Finally, after many Papa promises, she climbed down and off we went to see what else we could find.

Next up was the BIG slide. She loves to slide and spends most of her time on the slide attached to her *playground* here at the house. When she goes to the park, the first thing she does is take a turn down the slide and then it's on... at any rate, she saw that big slide and it was Papa, Papa, Papa... please can we go on the slide?? Well, of course, Papa cannot say no, so up those narrow steps they went, and then down that big slide. All the while with the biggest smile I've ever seen on that child's face.

After the big slide, we tried to get her to go find something to eat...she wasn't having any of that. She looked at us like are you kidding? You want me to leave all this fun and go eat? Not happening. So we decided we'd eat in shifts. Tanya and I went first, hoping that by the time we got back, she'd be hungry or at least let Papa get something to eat... ah no. She was having WAY too much fun on that big slide.

We did get her to leave the slide and check out some other rides. And she chose which ones she wanted to ride. There was this mini dragon roller coaster and that one didn't appeal to her at all. She was too little to go on some of the rides, even with an adult, but we found a few that made her laugh out loud.

The flying elephant that went up and down was a hit. I think she rode that one at least 4 times, and each time with that huge little grin...

After the flying Dumbo, she found the teacups and was off like a shot to get in that line. We were very happy we'd chosen the opening night of the fair, not very many people were out and we didn't wait in line long at all. At first, I thought from the expression on her little face, she was going to get sick with all that spinning. Once the first ride was finished, the guy operating the ride showed Tanya which cup was easier to control and off they went again. In the second cup, the Witchling took to spinning the dang thing... she was laughing like nobodies business!

She played a few games, was called the *big winner* for the duck pond game (where you pluck a specified number of ducks out of this water-filled tank as they are *swimming* around). And then found something called *A Pirates Life for Me*. Basically, a *fun house* with rope ladders, walking the plank and then a tunnel slide down from the top. Mommy went on that one with her and I don't have any pictures, it was difficult to have a clear view with all the different *hazards* they went through.

We did finally get her to eat, about half a dozen french fries from the order Papa brought back for her after he went to find something to eat. She was just too *excikick* to eat. And she kept telling Papa all night how *excikick* it all was and how happy she was.

By this time it's after 9 PM, things are slowing down and people are leaving. We decide it's time to go too, but she begs for one more trip on the big slide... back we go, Papa goes up with her and after they get to the bottom, she says OK, we can go home now. On the way out, Mommy stops and gets some cotton candy (the Witchling LOVES cotton candy) and just as Papa and I get ready to go through the exit gate with her, Mommy says hold on a sec I want to check out something I saw earlier. We wait less than 2 minutes, she's back with a battery powered bubble gun, that shoots hundreds of mini bubbles by pulling the trigger. And it's refillable and you can change the batteries too... good thing, cause it was almost out of bubbles by the time we got back to the car, LOL!!