Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday's Twist & Turns with the Witchling


Before I begin this weeks installment, I want to take a minute to say a HUGE Thank You to all of you who have taken the time to send mail to the Witchling. It is continuing to arrive and she is SO excited each time an envelope arrives. We are working on coloring up some pictures to send back. Some of you have asked about pen pals and that is a great big YES! so, watch your mail in the coming weeks ...

Ya'll it's been more than challenging around here for the past few weeks. For some reason, she has determined she doesn't have to wear clothes ... at all. Now, this shouldn't be an issue if she were one to stay inside but the minute either of the doors is opened she wants to go. We can't even get her to wear underwear. And please don't get me started about getting dressed to go to the store or somewhere.

Friday is the day she goes to her dad's for the weekend. He picks her up on his way home from work and off they go. The past couple weeks she has screamed and fought like crazy to not get dressed. Tanya asked him if this is the type of behavior that goes on at his house and of course he says no. He also says he doesn't give her a choice of clothes. He picks out what she's wearing for the day if she refuses to get dressed, he turns off the TV or music and they just sit there, he says she usually gets dressed within a few minutes... I just don't see that happening based on the behavior here.

Last Wednesday I needed to go run a couple errands. Tanya drives me because I don't have an NC drivers license yet and our insurance won't cover me without one (my AZ license is still valid, but not for NC auto insurance). So we get ready, finally get the Witchling dressed after a fight of monstrous proportions, then go to get in my truck. She refuses to get into her car seat and be buckled in. I swear it took both of us a solid 15 minutes to get her strapped and buckled in. And then less than two minutes on the road and she's passed out sound asleep.

Yesterday morning she's back from her dad's and the first thing she does is strip off her clothes. Refuses to put them back on and when Mommy turned the TV off, she threw a fit, kicking, screaming, throwing things, hitting. She finally stopped and promptly fell asleep for two hours. When she got up, she once again refused to get dressed. Tanya fought with her for at least 10 minutes and finally got her into a shirt and a pair of sweatpants. Finally dressed they are in the living room watching Little Mermaid.

We are beyond our wit's end and have no idea why this is happening...