Friday, August 15, 2014

Feisty Fridays


This was given to me when I first began my journey along this crooked path. It has lived peacefully within my personal BoS until now. I do not know who the author is, the piece of paper I was originally given was handwritten and copied from another person's BoS. If you read this and know who the original author is, I will happily give attribution. 

Birth of the Goddess

In the infinite moment before all Time began, the Goddess arose from Chaos and gave birth to Herself....before anything else had been born... not even Herself. And when She had separated the Skies from the Waters and had danced upon them, the Goddess in Her ecstasy created everything that is. Her movements made the wind and the Element Air was born and did breathe.

A candle is lit in the East

And the Goddess named Herself: Arianrhod-Caredea-Astarte. And sparks were struck from Her dancing feet so that She shone forth as the Sun, and the stars were caught in Her hair, and comets raced about Her, and Element Fire was born.

A candle is lit in the South

And the Goddess named Herself: Sunna-Vesta-Pele. About her feet swirled the waters in tidal wave and river and streaming tide, and Element Water did flow.

A candle is lit in the West

And She named Herself: Binah-Mari-Morgaine-Lakshmi. And She sought to rest Her feet from their dance, and She brought forth the Earth so that the shores were Her footstool, the fertile lands Her womb, the mountains Her full breasts, and Her streaming hair the growing things.

A candle is lit in the North

And the Goddess named Herself: Cerridwen Demeter-the Corn Mother. She saw that which was and is and will be, born of Her sacred dance and cosmic delight and infinite joy. She laughed: and the Goddess created Woman in her own image... to be the Priestess of the Great Mother.

The Goddess spoke to Her daughter:

I am the Moon to light your path and to speak to your rhythms. I am the sun who gives you warmth in which to stretch and grow. I am the wind to blow at your call the sparkling Air that offers joy.

I give to all my Priestesses three aspects that are Mine:

I am Artemis

Maiden of the Animals, the Virgin of the Hunt.

I am Isis

the Great Mother.

I am Ngame

the Ancient One who winds the shroud.

I shall be called a million names.

Call unto me, daughters, and know that I am